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Posted August 04, 2003 by publisher in US Embargo

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Miami Herald | Letters to the Editor

It is with deep regret that we write this open letter to President Bush to express our disappointment with the administration’s present Cuba policy:
We write as your friends to ensure a successful Cuba policy, Mr. Bush.

When you were a candidate for president and again in Miami in May 2002, we heard words from you that gave us great expectations that Cuba policy would soon lead to a free and democratic Cuba. Unfortunately, the administration’s Cuba policy has not been significantly different than that of the prior administration.

Today, we are no nearer to a free Cuba. The wet-foot/dry-foot policy is still in effect. Recently, the administration returned 12 Cubans to a dictator who denies basic due process of law and, moreover, a priori negotiated with the dictator their prison sentences. Radio and TV Martí still do not reach the Cuban people in a meaningful way. Castro has not yet been indicted for the murder of the four Brothers to the Rescue pilots, three of them U.S. citizens and all four Florida residents.

The dissident movement in Cuba has not received the promised assistance from the U.S. government. They fight bravely, but alone and in impoverished conditions.

Mr. President, we need a Cuba policy that respects the human rights of the Cuban people and leads to a free Cuba. Please understand that we have a high personal regard for you and for your outstanding leadership of this great nation. Cuban Americans have been responsible, engaged citizens and have strongly supported you.

Notwithstanding, it is our responsibility to advance the cause of a free Cuba and, therefore, respectfully request the enactment of an effective Cuba policy that will bring an end to the suffering of the Cuban people.

We know that one day soon, with your help, Cuba will return to what it used to be, a free and independent nation and a strong friend and ally of the United States of America.

God bless you and your family.

Members of the Cuban American National Foundation

Severiano Lopez Sicre, Silvia Karman, Anastasia García, Guillermo L. Domínguez, Adriano Valle Poza, Carlos Quintela, Aldo Leiva, Maritza Beato, Norma Franco Rodríguez, Mario Luis del Valle, Kirk R. Menendez, Manuel Perez, Eloy Cepero, Erelio Peña, Otto Rodríguez Viamonte, Pilar Sanson, Alberto Mariño, Israel Marmol, Pedro Torres Greer, Luis O. Pons, Julio Pichs, Elio Muller, Gerardo Abascal, Clara M. del Valle, Carlos M. de Cespedes, Miguel A. Vasallo, Agustín de Goytisolo, Juan A. Gutierrez, Rolando Cribeiro, Alina Gomez, Hernán Santiesteban, Bárbara Mesa Ramos, Justo Luis Pozo, Remberto Perez, Abel Hernández, Jesús García Jr., Manuel Vázquez, Jose F. Padro, Alfredo Balsera, Francisco Jose Hernandez, Jorge Mas Santos, George Fowler, Miguel Angel Martínez, Delfin Pernas, Rick Rodríguez Piña, Benjamín Jimenez, Cecilio Padron, Robert Torres, Víctor Benítez, Rafael Gomez Jr., Jorge Mesa Jr., Alberto de Cárdenas, Ana María Fernández-Haar, Pedro Rodríguez Espinosa, Elsa Eaton, Ramon Mas Canosa, Ivo Perez, Joe García, Omar Lopez Montenegro, Ramon Humberto Colás, Antonio Perez, Carlos A. García Perez, Pedro Prado, Juan Carlos Mas, Jose A. Costa, Luis E. Boue, Simon Canasi, Antonio Argiz, Adolfo Jimenez, Humberto Lorenzo, Ana Craft, Raúl Toraño, Alejandro M. Sarandrea, Jose Antonio Jimenez, Lombardo Perez, Roland Sánchez-Medina Jr., Fernando Ojeda, Juan Felipe García, Jose C. Cancela,Rosendo Castillo, Cristina Canales, Armando Chapelli Jr., Domingo Sadurní, Jose G. Puig, Tony Trelles, Rafael Cereijo, Severiano Lopez-Marrero, Pablo Hernández, Jose L. Mustelier, Jorge Leiseca, Jose A. Ortiz, Matías A. Fernández, Raúl Alarcon, Jr., Jose R. Bacardí, Paul Echaniz, Miguel A. Maza, Luis Botifoll and Emiliano Segrera Infante

  1. Follow up post #1 added on October 06, 2004 by Paul Mendoza

    At a time when the ideals of freedom are under attack, the ability to freely elect our oficials and to live in a democracy becomes a prized and cherished pocession.  The Cuban people by their strength, determination and conviction have proved themselves a deserving nation, desperately hungry for the taste of freedom and wholeheartly committed to aquiring it even at the risk of thier own individual lives.  Their love of God, family and country mirror those of our founding fathers, an unquenchable thirst that can only be satisfied by living in a free nd just society.  Their unwavering loyality to the American ideals and their unsinkable support of your leadership deserves your immediate attention and action to alliviate their plight.

    Un abrazo muy fuerte y mil gracias
    Paul Mendoza

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