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Posted March 02, 2010 by publisher in US Embargo

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BBC World News America - Harris Poll

Almost fifty years ago the eyes of the world were on the interplay between the United States and Cuba during the Bay of Pigs and then the Cuban Missile Crisis. Luckily, those thirteen days passed with no major escalation, but the stage was set for ice-cold relations between the two countries for most of the next five decades.

23% of Americans say that the government of Cuba is unfriendly and an enemy of the United States

63% say Cuba’s government is not friendly, but not an enemy

12% say Cuba is a friend but not a close ally

2% believe Cuba is a close ally

Age Difference

There is an age difference in attitude towards Cuba.

35% of those 55 and older say that Cuba is unfriendly and an enemy

10% of those 18-34 say the same

These are some of the results of BBC World News America/Harris Poll of 2,050 adults surveyed online between January 13 and 15, 2010 by Harris Interactive.

While Cuba may no longer be considered an enemy by a majority of Americans, it does not mean people are ready to embrace the government completely.

44% of adults believe it is too soon for normal relations to be restored with Cuba

38% disagree with that idea


40% say the embargo towards Cuba should remain in effect

36% say it should not remain in effect any longer

Without Fidel as President

39% agree that Cuba has changed for the better

29% disagree

32% are not at all sure

Visiting Cuba

38% say they would like to visit Cuba if possible

49% say they would not visit Cuba if allowed

Of those 55 and older 30% say they would want to visit Cuba if possible

Of those 18-34 43%

Of those 35-44 46%

47% of men would like to visit Cuba if possible

30% of women

Relationship with Cuba

75% say the relationship with Cuba is important

25% say it is not important

Business Possibilities

57% say there are missed opportunities for U.S. businesses

17% say there are not

25% are not at all sure

Obama Easing Restrictions on Cuban Americans

When he took office, President Obama said he was going to make overtures to Cuba and attempt to better relations between the two countries. So far he has lifted some travel restrictions for Cuban Americans to visit the island.

29% say this is not enough of an overture

35% believe it is enough

10% say it is too much

49% believe President Obama should visit Cuba at some point during his presidency

25% say maybe he should visit when Fidel Castro dies

26% say he should never visit Cuba

Read the rest of the poll and see tables with more information.

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