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Posted December 06, 2004 by publisher in Castro's Cuba

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Cuba has demonstrated how much can be accomplished if a country’s human and material resources are placed at the service of the population, said President Fidel Castro.
Addressing the closing session of the 8th Congress of the Young   Communist League (UJC), President Castro described Cuba’s effort   over the last five years as perhaps the most useful contribution in the fight for a better world.
In reviewing all that has been achieved under the Battle of   Ideas, the Cuban president said one couldn’t help but feel proud of the spirit and firmness of the Cuban youth, who have been the   protagonists in the new programs that have radically changed   life on the island.
The Battle of Ideas encompasses the many social programs   implemented by the Cuban Revolution over the last five years—a series of innovative educational, health and cultural projects stressing comprehensive human development as a way to make Cuban   society increasingly just, equal and humane. Young people are at   the center of this effort, which involves a rich exchange of   ideas in the quest for the perfection of the island’s socialist system.

President Castro said that, thanks to the Battle of Ideas, the   life of Cubans is no longer the same. He illustrated this   reality by citing 5,810 construction, remodeling or extension   works, among them 1,732 schools, 107 policlinics, 217   physiotherapy centers, and 89 opticians.
  He also mentioned that the unemployment rate in Cuba at the end   of this year is less than two percent, something that would be   incredible in any industrial nation, and that there is a massive   use of the new technologies and audiovisuals to improve the   quality of teaching.
  The Cuban president said that their principles and concepts   underlining the Battle of Ideas have strengthened and raised the   prestige of the UJC, which had come to this congress with the   highest membership of the last 10 years, and with new methods   and work styles.
  Fidel Castro said that what Cuba has accomplished over the last   five years would astonish many and some might even not believe   it. Others, like the Bush administration with its   arrogant “transition toward a free Cuba,” would just ignore it.
  But what Cuba has attained will speak for itself, said Fidel   Castro, and stressed that the Cubans will defend it until the   end. After the prolonged applause that followed his written   speech, Fidel spoke informally to the delegates on a number of   other important issues.
  Regarding tourism, the motor of the Cuban economy, the President   noted how more than 600,000 Canadians have traveled to the   island in 2004, of the some two million tourists expected during   the year.
  Faced with US efforts to strangle the Cuban economy by freezing   the island’s dollar accounts abroad, he went on to cite the   decision to eliminate the US dollar from circulation and   substitute it with the convertible Cuban peso for all domestic   foreign exchange transactions, a measure that has proven   successful.
  However, President Fidel Castro noted that Washington is still   inventing ways damage the Cuban economy. He denounced new   actions taken by the White House to make it even more difficult   to purchase foodstuffs from US suppliers.
  He further noted that American farmers, like a growing number of   US congress people, are against the new obstacles to the sale of   US food products to Cuba and predicted that the Bush   administration will fail in its devious objectives.

  1. Follow up post #1 added on December 07, 2004 by Jaymar thompson

    Hi, my name is Jaymar Thompson I’m proud of the accomplishments that your country is making. In America the focus on youth has gone out the door, the focus is the supposed war on terrorism. What kind of job opportunities do you have for teaching in the social studies field? I’m working on a degree in history and would like to seek employment in Cuba if you can help I would appreciate it thanks.

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