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Posted August 07, 2008 by publisher in Cuban History

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Several Havana Cuba book reviews

Havana Nocturne

Here is a summary from the book as posted in the Wall Street Journal. I have my copy sitting here ready to be read. The titles of the chapters are intriguing… The Mob’s Playground, Gambler’s Paradise, A Bullet for El Presidente, Carnival of Flesh and Get The Money.

It’s just under 400 pages detailing the dreams, real estate development and control of Cuba by the mob and Fidel Castro’s July 26 movement. There’s even the allegation that John F Kennedy has a crazy orgy with three women in Cuba.

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Find Havana Nocturne on Amazon

Havana Before Castro

I have already read through this book… not too hard to do since it has hundreds and hundreds of photos and scans of Cuban memorabilia. How about these chapter titles… Sugar, Rum and Cigars, Havana between the World Wars, Tropicana, Cuba’s Incredible Music Scene, Habana Riveria and Habana Hilton and many more.

If you like Cuban history and/or Cuban memorabilia and/or modern architecture and/or stories about the mob and business in Cuba, this book is for you. Over sized, horizontal format with more than 250 full color pages. This book gets you right back to Havana before Castro. If you want to read a much better book review, try this one from the Wall Street Journal.

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Havana Deco

This is a fantastic coffee table book featuring well researched text and photos on a variety of topics such as:

Edificio Bacardi
Hotel Nacional
Edificio Lopez Serrano
Suburban Havana homes along with many photos of architectural accents
Centro Habana
Cuban cinemas
El Vedado
Hospitals and Churches
Interiors like bathrooms, lobbies and Cuban Furniture
Visual arts like poster and magazine graphics, paintings and sculptures

So, if you enjoy art deco and mid century modern in general, this is a great book. If you love Havana before Castro, this book is a tribute to the pre-Castro days of Havana.

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Havana - Then and Now

Even though this is an older book published in 2004, it is still very relevant. Every page features an antique photo of a particular building or street scene next to a current photo from the same angle. So, this book is a visual comparison of today in Havana to days gone by. There are photos of every landmark you can think of in Havana.

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Find Havana - Then and Now on Amazon

The Bay of Pigs

This book was sent to me by the Publisher. This is an extremely detailed account of the failed Bay of Pigs invasion orchestrated by JFK. The author “draws upon recently released CIA documents, research from the John F. Kennedy Library and details from the Church Committee hearings. He offers an engaging and thoughtful account of the turning point in Kennedy’s foreign policy.” Just over 200 pages.

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  1. Follow up post #1 added on August 17, 2008 by publisher with 3905 total posts

    Another great review about Cuba Before Castro. I am just about finished reading Havana Nocturne and I strongly recommend reading both books together.

    This way you can understand that culture from 1950s Cuba and the Mob’s construction efforts and nightclubs.

    Cuba consulting services

  2. Follow up post #2 added on March 01, 2009 by Guillermo R. Morini, Calle Tulipan 212, San Fran

    Estimados amigos:

    Intereso tener la mayor informacion posible (su historia, mapas o planos, fotos de la Quinta Avenida con sus parques yl flores, con su bonita fuente a la entrada, con la Torre Reloj, con La Copa,  con su bonito parque y gran glorieta, al lado de la Iglesia Jesus de Miramar, y todo lo que destaque la belleza e importancia urbana de Miramar y su Quinta Avenida.

                                        GRACIAS anticipadas por su cooperacion

                                                Guillermo R. Morini

  3. Follow up post #3 added on March 02, 2009 by Cubaking with 33 total posts

    Hey Rob How do I get you to read my new book?

    My Cuba books are found here Havana: My Kind of Town and Nature’s Ancient Religion

  4. Follow up post #4 added on March 02, 2009 by publisher with 3905 total posts

    Honestly, I don’t read many books (mostly Internet reading) but I am happy to review them if you want to send me copies.

    Thank you.

    Havana Journal Inc.
    PO Box 1525
    South Dennis, MA 02660

    Cuba consulting services

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