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Posted October 13, 2005 by mattlawrence in Cuba Human Rights

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MIAMI – The Coast Guard on Thursday said a 6-year-old boy died when he was trapped beneath an overturned go-fast boat suspected of smuggling him and other migrants into the country from Cuba.

Posted October 13 2005, 12:40 PM EDT

Here’s what the Coast Guard said happened starting around 12:58 a.m. in the Florida Straits about 45 miles south of Key West:

A 33-foot go-fast boat was spotted on radar and the cutter Dauntless gave chase, locating it visually at 1:01 a.m. The operator of the smuggling vessel refused orders to stop and began erratically maneuvering his boat away.

The crew of the Dauntless said it lost sight of the boat at that point.

The high-speed was found about 20 minutes later, capsized. Thirty people were found clinging to its hull.

The Coast Guard launched a rescue boat and picked up 10 people and at 1:40 a.m. a Customs and Border Protection boat crew joined in the rescue, plucking the 20 other migrants from the water.

While questioning the migrants it was learned the 6-year-old boy was missing.

A Coast Guard helicopter was called in and began searching the waters for the missing boy while the Dauntless crew began righting the overturned vessel. When the hull of the go-fast was righted, crewmen found the boy underneath dead.

The migrants were turned over to immigration and customs agents for questioning and processing. They are being kept on a boat at sea. All are expected to be returned to their homeland. It was not immediately known where the people left from.

The Coast Guard said the boat’s operator was rescued from the sea and is undergoing questioning. An investigation into the smuggling venture and the child’s death continues.

  1. Follow up post #1 added on October 13, 2005 by publisher with 3905 total posts

    This is an ongoing tragedy that has been going on for years.

    If Ileana Ros-Lehtinen and the Diaz-Balart brothers actually cared about the Cuban people they would find a way to put a stop to this or find a less risky way for Cuban to safely get to the United States.

    I, as publisher of the Havana Journal have decided to be more outspoken about these three MAJOR supporters of the “Plan A” US Embargo to force Castro from power.

    If a plan doesn’t work for 40+ years you don’t continue to support it.

    I always welcome supporters of the Embargo to post reasons why the Embargo is a good plan and/or show Havana Journal readers that it is working.

    I’m still waiting for some positive comments on the Embargo.

    Cuba consulting services

  2. Follow up post #2 added on October 14, 2005 by mattlawrence with 69 total posts

    Rob my brother,

    I too, am sickened everytime I read of someone dying because they have had to flee Castro’ hell hole; and while I’ll agree the “embargo to force Casro from power” has not worked….it is not the sole fault of the U.S. or the embargo that causes folks to flee….

    It is a known fact that he (Fidel) is a murderous bastard who has killed, imprisoned and otherwise ruined people and famlies since he rolled down from the hills in the fifties….

    If he’ “doing business” with the rest of the world (those whose citizens go to the island on holiday to soak up sun and cheap rum) there are far bigger issues than just the EMBARGO…

    Where’ the rest of the world to fill in the gaps left by the “embargo”. 

    The bottom line is…CASTRO has to do more and steal less from his people…. He has a country with soil so rich that it is capable of growing food, tobacco, sugar etc etc

    WHY has the island not prospered?  Because ONE country in the world has an embargo? I think not. CASTRO should let his people flourish and grow instead of holding tight reigns on them.

    I learned a long time ago….when a fish stinks, it stinks from the head,,,, and my friend, life in Cuba stinks compared to other countries in the world.  That’ why they flee….

    While the U.S. is responsible for the “embargo” and while we get blamed for a lot of other ills in the world, people keep dying to get here…I guess that should tell the world something about America.  (You get to publish whatever you want because you live here…ain’t it great?)

    I know, I’m gonna get slammed for my opinion here, however it is only my opinion….one that has been formed after “living with Castro” 90 miles south of me for my entire life….his actions CHANGED my home state and it’ demographics forever.

    I’ll close in saying….it’ time WE ALL change and work to help the people of Cuba STOP from taking this risk of throwing themselevs to the sea…..having hundreds of hours in the cockpit searching the Florida Straits and saving balseros from certain death, I can honestly say. . . of those that have tried, more have died, than those that have made it.

    Respectfully and equally disgusted with the years of death,
    Matt Lawrence, Author
    Dying to Get Here: A Story of Coming to America

  3. Follow up post #3 added on October 19, 2005 by jamsjoyce with 9 total posts

    It’ too easy to reduce a discussion of Cuba to black and white / good and evil terms.
    I am not a defender of Fidel Castro and what he has done and continues to do to the Cuban people but - “It is a known fact that he (Fidel) is a murderous bastard who has killed, imprisoned and otherwise ruined people and famlies since he rolled down from the hills in the fifties….” - a bit hyperbolic perhaps?
    As well, few HAVE to flee the “hell hole”, there is obviously strong impetus in some to do so and they do - for various reasons, mostly economic - not ideological and not pure survival, although ironically those who remain are able to live a relatively decent life thanks to money sent to Cuba by relatives outside the country - not all of whom are in the U.S.
    Castro is guilty of betraying the revolution and the people of Cuba but there is genuine desire amongst the people to maintain a socialist system that allows democratic freedoms - not an impossible thing, though capitalist interests would have us believe that socialism and freedom are mutually exclusive.
    The real fear of the supporters of the the blockade and opponents of socialist Cuba is that the revoltion could succeed and demonstrate that there is a viable alternative to consumerism and capitalism.
    Fortunately for them they have a great ally in Fidel - he is making their point for them.
    I have lived and worked in Cuba and my wife is leaving there only to be with me now that I am back in Canada. Her parents have no desire to leave, ditto for the great majority of Cubans I know there. The desire for change is real, but the belief in the basic principles of the revolution, although not realized, are still held to be valid.
    By the way, my wife has had frequent opportunities to get to the U.S., we lived on our sailboat on the north coast and she had a “permiso” to sail in Cuban territorial waters. We often cruised that coast and I have crossed 14 times so it would have been very easy. She has no desire to go to “America” and only reluctantly is coming to Canada - with the proviso that we return to Cuba when we can.
    I don’t pretend to speak for all Cubans but the reality is much more complex than your letter and the U.S. position on Cuba would have us believe.

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