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Oswaldo Paya - Rest in Peace

Posted in Cuba Politics > Oswaldo Paya

Here is a summary of news and information regarding the death of Cuban democracy advocate, Oswaldo Paya. Cuban dissident Oswaldo Paya dies in car crash By ANDREA RODRIGUEZ | Associated Press Cuban activist Oswaldo Paya, who spent decades speaking out against the communist government of Fidel and Raul… Read More

Oswaldo Paya nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize

Posted in Cuba Politics > Oswaldo Paya

March 18 marks the seventh anniversary of the beginning of the Black Spring where 75 Cuban dissidents were arrested for their struggle for human rights. Dagrun Eriksen, deputy leader of the Norwegian Christian Democrats (KrF), has nominated Oswaldo Payá, the most prominent leader of this struggle, for… Read More

Cuban political prisoners send letter to Nelson Mandella

Posted in Cuba Politics > Oswaldo Paya

Canaleta Prison. Ciego de Ávila, Cuba. February 2, 2010 Respectable Mr. Nelson Mandela: We who sign this letter are Cuban political prisoners of conscience, who want to send our sincere congratulations to the twentieth anniversary of your well deserved and historic release from prison. On February 11,… Read More

Cuban government repression of Varela Project supporters

Posted in Cuba Politics > Oswaldo Paya

RELENTLESS PERSECUTION AGAINST THE FOREFRONT FOR CHANGE The Cuban government has used the following repressive resources against citizens who support the Varela Project legal initiative and its organizers: The State Security sends agents to the homes of citizens who have signed the Varela Project, officers… Read More

Oswaldo Paya update from Guantanamo province Cuba

Posted in Cuba Politics > Oswaldo Paya

This message was received from Oswaldo Payá in Havana , Cuba on September 23. NO MORE TERROR IN THE OTHER GUANTANAMO ! In the Guantanamo Province and in others, the Cuban government has commanded the police and State Security to undertake acts of intimidation, arbitrary detentions, blackmail and abuses… Read More

Ruthless treatment of Christian Liberation Movement prisoners

Posted in Cuba Politics > Oswaldo Paya

This message was received from Oswaldo Payá in Havana , Cuba on August 11. Prisoners confined in the provincial prison of Las Tunas informed us via telephone of the grave situation of Alfredo Domínguez Batista and José Daniel Ferrer, who last week, declared themselves on a hunger strike to protest… Read More

Oswaldo Paya releases statement about Cuban government harrassment

Posted in Cuba Politics > Oswaldo Paya

Catholic News Agency The coordinator of the Movimiento Cristiano Liberación (Christian Liberation Movement), Oswaldo Paya, denounced the detention of several members of the organization by state security agents. In a statement, Paya said the detention occurred last weekend during a visit he made to… Read More

Oswaldo Paya message to the Summit of the Americas

Posted in Cuba Politics > Oswaldo Paya

MESSAGE TO THE SUMMIT OF THE AMERICAS FROM THE CHRISTIAN LIBERATION MOVEMENT FOR THE NEW WORLD, A NEW HOPE We are not going to say “we are the voice of Cuba ,” but instead “give the people what is of the people, their own voice and their freedom”. That is the spirit of the 2009 Dialogue in which… Read More

Oswaldo Paya sends message to UN Human Rights Commission to act on Cuba

Posted in Cuba Politics > Oswaldo Paya

CNA The president of the Christian Liberation Movement, Oswaldo Paya, has sent a message to the U.N. Human Rights Commission, calling on the body not to be accomplices of the Communist government “with its silence and its scandalous refusal to demand” respect for human rights in Cuba. In an extensive… Read More

Carlos Paya criticizes Spanish left for supporting dictatorship in Cuba

Posted in Cuba Politics > Oswaldo Paya

Catholic News Agency Carlos Paya, the representative in Spain for Cuban dissident group the Christian Liberation Movement, is criticizing the left in that country for supporting the Castro dictatorship in Cuba, despite the knowledge that human rights are violated on the island. In statements to Cope.es,… Read More

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