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Me and Fidel By Robert Ellis Smith

Posted in Cuba Politics > Castro's Cuba

Me and Fidel By Robert Ellis Smith In the beginning of my long career in journalism, I often found myself meeting major newsmakers simply by default. Most seasoned reporters were not interested in the off-hours assignments, and as the junior member of the staff I was eager to take them.  As a reporter,… Read More

Day counts since Fidel Castro’s last article, public appearance and private meeting

Posted in Cuba Politics > Castro's Cuba

Updated on January 27, 2014. We will update this page whenever we know Fidel has been seen alive. We will also post to Twitter, Facebook and Linked In. Last meeting with world leader or celebrity was on March 27 with Nguyen Tan Dung, Prime Minister of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.. Day count = 0… Read More

US fugitive Joanne Chesimard aka Assata Shakur now has $2,000,000 price tag on her head

Posted in Cuba Politics > Castro's Cuba

Joanne Chesimard, Fugitive Living in Cuba, Named to FBI ‘Most Wanted Terrorists’ List By Steven Nelson US News and World Report Informers stand to gain $2M in the unlikely event Chesimard, convicted of murdering a cop 40 years ago, is caught Forty years ago today, Joanne Chesimard allegedly… Read More

The New Number Two Man in Cuba - Vice President Miguel Diaz Canel

Posted in Cuba Politics > Castro's Cuba

Rob Sequin | Havana Journal Today, most citizens in Cuba, Cuban Americans and Cuba watchers around the world are shocked and/or thrilled to learn that not only has President Raul Castro announced his future retirement but that he has selected a 52 year old, non-Castro to be his First Vice President.… Read More

Summary of Cuba emigration reform law changes by Phil Peters

Posted in Cuba Politics > Castro's Cuba

Philip Peters, Vice President Lexington Institute has written a great summary of the upcoming Cuba emigration law changes titled Migration Policy Reform: Cuba Gets Started, U.S. Should Follow His introduction follows… New laws and regulations promulgated in Havana in October 2012 have overhauled… Read More

Reliable source reports Fidel Castro had a massive stroke

Posted in Cuba Politics > Castro's Cuba

By Juan Carlos Chavez | Miami Herald Former Cuban leader Fidel Castro suffered a cerebral hemorrhage and his state of health is so precarious that he has trouble feeding, speaking and recognizing people, said a Venezuelan physician who assured El Nuevo Herald that he has access to firsthand sources and… Read More

Fidel Castro is dead - A headline but when?

Posted in Cuba Politics > Castro's Cuba

Rob Sequin | Havana Journal I wrote about the Irrelevance of Fidel Castro back in August. It was clear to me that Fidel’s health, at least his mental health, has deteriorated greatly this year. He stopped writing his Reflections and started using Twitter in order to post short, meaningless comments.… Read More

Cuba news to start your week

Posted in Cuba Politics > Castro's Cuba

Here’s some Cuba news that I think is interesting… Behind the Cuba Cover Story from the New York Times: John Jeremiah Sullivan on Cuba By RACHEL NOLAN John Jeremiah Sullivan, a contributing writer and the author of “Pulphead” and “Blood Horses: Notes of a Sportswriter’s Son,” wrote… Read More

The Irrelevance of Fidel Castro

Posted in Cuba Politics > Castro's Cuba

Rob Sequin | Havana Journal Heard from Fidel Castro lately? Read any news articles about him lately? Do you care? If you answered no, you are not alone. Seems that no one cares about Fidel Castro anymore. Maybe this is by design so there is no unrest in Cuba? This is what I have believed for a long time.… Read More

Senior aide to Ricardo Alarcon arrested in Cuba

Posted in Cuba Politics > Castro's Cuba

(No one is safe. Is Raul Castro eating his own now? LOTS of reshuffling, lousy sugar harvest, arrests of foreign businessmen. Since just about everything is illegal in Cuba, maybe everybody should be arrested.) By Juan O. Tamayo | Nuevo Herald A senior aide to Ricardo Alarcón, Cuba’s long-serving… Read More

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