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Artist's version of battle of San Juan Hill

Teddy Roosevelt was known for charging up San Juan Hill with his rough riders. Some accounts state that it was a simple walk up the hill to where the Spanish surrendered. Hey, he got elected President for this war.

  1. Well, it wasn’t a “cake walk” for sure. The Spaniards, whom the brave Cubans were fighting at the time gave a pretty good fight. The problem with this history is that this was not a Spanish-American War. That’s the Anglo version of the story. This was more like the “Cuban Spanish American War Intervention” (truly the Cuban War of Independence with Anglo-American Intervention).

    The Cubans, for the most part, even the “mulatos” were fighting against people of their own ascendency, their historical cousins, White Spanish Europeans. The history written from the Anglo-American point of view has always made it look like it was an easy victory. Before and after the war they presented the Spaniards as an incapable bunch of cowards. And only the Anglo-Aemrican soldier was a good soldier. But, for example, the famous San Juan Hill Battle victory would not have been possible if not by the role played by African-American troops.

    When the all Anglo-White 71st New York Volunteers hesitated or refused to move, Teddy Roosevelt called upon the African Americans to move forward, he got a positive response from the all African-American 9th Infantry and the all African-American 10th Calvary. They saved the day. Yet, they were not shown in any of the victory photos.

    On the Spanish side, altough defeated militarily by sheer force of numbers, there were no surrenders. Although the enemy at the time, the Spaniards were nevertheless part of our genealogical tree and they fought honorably to the very end. Yet, unfavorable Anglo-American of the Spanish soldier prevailed after the war.  Regarding that victor’s view of the war, one author remarked once that Teddy Roosevelt’s book about it should have been titled, “How I won the Spanish American War all by Myself”.

    Posted by Jose A. Amoros on 09/30  at  08:46 AM
  2. Interesting comment. Thanks for posting.

    Posted by publisher on 09/30  at  10:47 AM
  3. Thanks for your kind reply. Upon revision I would like to review the sentence which reads, “Yet, unfavorable Anglo-American of the Spanish soldier prevailed after the war.” It should say “Yet, unfavorable Anglo-American views of the Spanish soldier prevailed after the war.” By the way, I have just recently discovered this website journal and I want to congratulate you for it. With your permission I would like to submit some articles of mine regarding this and related topics.

    Posted by José A. Amorós on 09/30  at  01:07 PM
  4. Thank you. No problem. Feel free to comment on any photo here, news article from our main section or post in our Cuba Forum here http://havanajournal.com/forums/

    Posted by publisher on 09/30  at  04:14 PM
  5. would this be good topic for a history project?

    Posted by Jon on 01/11  at  01:21 PM
  6. I think so. It was a quick war and not unlike the events of today. The Battleship Maine blew up in Havana Harbor, allegedly by the Spanish so the US attacked and started the Spanish American war.

    We won and got the Phillipines and Puerto Rico too.

    Posted by publisher on 01/11  at  02:25 PM
  7. Hello, I received the following email “would this be good topic for a history project?” Are you asking me?

    Posted by Jose Alejandro on 01/11  at  03:38 PM
  8. i have a picture of the battle of San Juan Hill except my picture is alot diffrent then this one, i found it behind another picture i bought at a yard sell,it shows the African-American troops fighting and dieing,it shows holes being shot in there heads and blood coming out and them charging up the hill carring the American flag.If you would like to see it e-mail me and i will send you a picture of it.i,ve been trying to find someone who can tell me what it worth but i get no response from people.the date at the botten of the picture is 1908.

    Posted by David Phipps on 08/08  at  07:09 AM
  9. Spanish American War started and ended in 1898 so 1908 would be ten years later. Maybe it’s a 10th anniversary print or something like that. Check to see if you can find one selling on ebay for value.

    Is there any text like printer’s name or anything?

    Posted by publisher on 08/08  at  07:58 AM
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Havana JournalCuba Photo GallerySpanish American War › Artist's version of battle of San Juan Hill

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