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Category Description Photos Views Comments
1920's Cuba Vacation Photos Original photos taken during Cuba cruise in 1920s. 13 17873 0
1928 Times of Cuba vacation magazine Features scans of pages from 1928 Cuba tourist magazine. This was Cuba in 1928. 19 22333 0
1950's Havana Vacation Guide This category features advertisements from a 1950s Havana guidebook. 16 17621 0
Cuba Magazine Carteles There were many magazines in Cuba in the 1950s. Carteles was well known for it's unique articles and graphics. 15 144905 1
Cuban Architecture A nice variety of buildings and journey through Havana Cuba architecture 35 423320 6
Cuban Art Dwight Baird Artist Dwight Baird has been creating original art depicting Cuban people and daily life in Cuba from Montreal . 14 101886 1
Cuban Car Photos Dozens of photos of classic American cars left behind in Cuba since the 1959 "La Revolucion". 58 957403 91
Cuban Cigar Labels Here are many interesting Cuban cigar making photos as well as some vintage cigar box labels. 50 587818 25
Cuban Revolution Photos Vintage and extremely rare photos of Fidel Castro, Che Guevara, Camilo Cienfuegos and the Cuban Revolution. 18 167584 0
Ernest Hemingway in Cuba Exclusive photos of Ernest Hemingway's "Finca Vigia" home outside Havana in the seaside village of Cojimar. 35 499025 29
Jose Contreras Jose Contreras pitched for Cuba in the 2000 Olympics . He left Cuba and now pitches for the Chicago Cubs. 5 70006 2
National Geographic Cuba The text and images were scanned from this 1906 issue of National Geographic magazine. 7 75743 1
Province and Municipality Maps of Cuba Featuring graphics of maps of Provinces and listing of Municipalities in Cuba. 15 10941 0
Spanish American War Photos scanned from circa 1900 books featuring scenes from the Spanish American War in Cuba in 1898. 58 653981 33
Wifredo Lam - Cuban Modern Abstract Art Famous Asian-Cuban painter studied under Pablo Picasso produced very unique art work. 27 19225 0

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