Lokking for Autoparts agent in Cuba
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We are the Taiwan manufacturer on Auto Lamps and Suspensions parts. We hope that we could find some agent in Cuba market.
Could anyone introduce us some?
Dear publisher, could u give me some information.


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Honestly, you are better off asking China since they are supplying Cuba with buses on credit (meaning free). Not sure if Russia is still selling Ladas to Cuba (meaning free).

If you want to sell auto lamps and car parts to Cuba on credit (meaning free) then try to go to the Havana International Fair that just ended or an Alimport conference.

I don’t know of any company in the world selling car parts in Cuba.

Forget about the private market, you might be able to sell into the car rental market (Havanatur) or military vehicles.

Unless you are ready to commit long term to getting deep into the Cuban government bureaucracy, I would suggest waiting until Cuba is more business friendly.


Cuba consulting services

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There are many companies selling car parts to Cuban companies on credit - and getting paid for them. It is not correct to equate selling on credit with them being free.

In fact, all the stuff that China sells is being paid for. The Chinese are businessmen first - they do not act out of any idealogical affinity !

Lada spare parts are sold through the Cuban company Divep - they sell their goods in their own stores or through the gas stations. Other types of spare parts are also bought by MINTUR, MININT etc.