Havana Network component SexInCuba.com website launched
Posted: 11 November 2008 05:34 PM   [ Ignore ]
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Is the Havana Journal getting into porn?

No. I wouldn’t go that far. The Havana Network consists of many components meaning that sites like HavanaJournal.com, CubaLegalServices.com, JardinesDelRey.com, PlayasDelEste.com, Cuba.tv, HabanaVieja.com and many more represent a diverse variety of component websites that make up our broad reaching business model that is the Havana Network.

I know that might sound “sinister” or in the likes of some new world order but it is simply our comprehensive website development strategy to provide information, resources, products and services to businesses and travelers in preparation for a post-Embargo post-Castro Cuba.

Wow. How’s that for an elevator pitch?

Anyway, we have about 39 developed websites in the Havana Network right now. We have been moving them from the Microsoft FrontPage development tool to the MUCH MORE ROBUST XsitePro development tool. We LOVE LOVE XsitePro.

The old SexInCuba.com is MUCH better than the new SexInCuba.com as you can easily see.

So why SexInCuba.com?

I picked up this domain in a drop (domain expiration auction) four years ago and it enjoys plenty of type in traffic but it is also enjoys great placement in Google for Cuba sex related keywords like Cuban girls, sex in Cuba, jineteras and others and that was before we upgraded it to the site it is now.

Traffic kept rising month after month so we prioritized it for development. Took about a day to bring all the pieces together and polish it off. I strongly recommend buying XsitePro (this is an affiliate link) because it is very easy to use and has more features than you will ever use.

As you will see when you visit SexInCuba.com, it is not a porn site but more of an information site with some pretty Cuban women so enjoy it… don’t be afraid. grin


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