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Now this is certainly a self promotion but following my own rules I consider this to be Cuba related and beneficial to our community.

I want to post the request for a few different things here in our new “wanted” section here in our Cuba Forum.

1. Content - I am always looking for great, interesting, unique content that is not found anywhere else. So, if you’ve traveled to Cuba and want a place to share your story or maybe you smoked a great Cuban cigar and want to tell other people about it or maybe you are in the agriculture business and selling food to Cuba and want to post it somewhere, we want to offer you a home to post your one time story or ongoing submissions.

Have a look around our Cuba Forum here then of course visit the main site at and look into the various categories within our Cuba Business, Culture, Politics, Travel and Cuban Americans sections. Please use the Contact Us link below to ask questions about posting content. Thank you in advance for your work and oh yeah, self promotion is okay. You will be able to link out and promote your existing site or a Cuba related organization that you want to promote.

2. Advertisers - I created this post for advertisers a while back to give potential advertisers more information about

3. Development and Business partners - This one is really wide open but if you have an existing Cuba related business or even just an idea for one, use the Contact Us link below and let’s see if we can work together on a Cuba related venture. I am always looking for help so maybe there is a way to work together to promote each other.


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