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My name is Rob Sequin. I am the CEO of Havana Journal Inc. (a Massachusetts corporation) and Publisher of I have been an active buyer of Cuba related domain names for many years and am always looking to purchase more.

I actively hand register domains, buy them in “drops” when domains pass their expiration date, buy them in the secondary market directly from domain owners and I have done dozens for trades for Cuba domain names.

I have accumulated a large and diverse Cuba domain investment portfolio of over 2500 domains that can be seen at

So, I am always looking to buy or trade for good Cuba domains. I pay a variety of prices depending on the quality of the domain, the traffic the domain gets and whether or not it is a good fit with my existing portfolio.

Feel free to use the Contact Us at the bottom of this page and send me the domains that you have for sale with any relevant stats and prices if possible.


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