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I want to start posting regularly about Cuba domains that I buy and those that I don’t buy at domain drop auctions. I own and hope to develop it as a Cuba domain marketplace when market conditions are right.

I am writing all this in order to educate Havana Journal readers about the opportunities that exist to buy Cuba domains. In the nature of full disclosure, I do not post all the domains that I buy or bid on for a variety of reasons.

I think anyone with an eye towards Cuba should be buying Cuba domains in the secondary market, at drop auctions or hand registering quality domains. You can develop them at a later date, perhaps in a post-Castro post-Embargo Cuba and it is not a matter of IF that day will come but WHEN that day will come. So, owning some Cuba domain names is a great strategy to be prepared for THAT day.

My dropping Cuba domains:

I don’t let many Cuba domains drop but I am trying to clean up/tighten up my portfolio so I do review all my renewals and will drop one here and there when I think they no longer have value.

For example, about a year ago President Bush announced that he would start a Cuba Freedom Fund (with LOTS of conditions) so I registered a few Cuba Freedom Fund related domains thinking that I would love to start a site/blog/forum to cover it’s creation and details and implementation.

Well, as we all know, President Bush’s Cuba policy has been a complete failure and I doubt that the next President is going to pick up on ANYTHING President Bush has done so I am letting ALL the Freedom Fund related domains drop. Also, I am letting drop. I have and like that domain MUCH better.

My newly hand registered Cuba domain names:

To make a long story short, I own but not or I saw that was available so I hand regged that for $8… thank you! Also, I found that was recently dropped so I hand regged that Cuba domain too.

Here are a number of domains that I have bought recently in auction drops or domains that I have been in on at the drop auction. closed to day at $120. I bid to $110 but I don’t need it. I have plenty of other Cuba music related domains so I am covered in this niche. I’m not sure how valuable this domain is. sold for $740 in June and now it resolves to a parking page with Asian characters. There are some backlinks to an old site so that’s probably why this crappy domain got bid up that much. Worthless to me. sold for $220 in September. I really stretched my bid to $210 for this tiny town in Cuba. I like geo domains but this one is SUCH a long shot, I was not comfortable committing more that a couple hundred bucks for this. It’ll probably drop next year at this time and I’ll get it for a hand reg. came my way for $159 in July. A no brainer there. for $20 from Godaddy auctions.

Here are some domains that I was outbid on and really don’t care either because of the quality of the domain or the price: sold for $354. Too much money for the .net at this time. Sure, in a post-Castro post-Embargo Cuba all Cuba domains are going to be worth more than they are now but since I have and, I could easily live without this and keep my $354. sold for $355 in August of 2007. NOT interested even as a hand reg. Am I missing something? sold to Frank Shilling in March of 2007. If anyone knows that name you know that he just keeps bidding until he gets the domain. I’m sure he overpays for LOTS of domains but he has the income and the domain portfolio to compensate for any overpriced domains that he acquires. He paid $4033 for this. What do you think? Did Frank pay too much? I think I bid to like $2100 or somewhere around that number. Great domain and transcends beyond Cuba of course since there are Cuban restaurants all over the world.

Some great domains I picked up in Cuba domain auction drops for less than $100 each: (eco region in Cuba) (eco region in Cuba) (good deal?)

So, if you look you will find great domains but it takes a lot of time and talent to find all the diamonds. You’ll find me in there bidding grin

My user names are havanajournal at namejet and whatever at snapnames so say hello if you see me in there.

Good luck.

Feel free to post any domain related questions here and feel free to post your own recent hand regs, secondary market purchases or drops that you picked up.


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