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I actively hand register Cuba domains. I actively chase dropping Cuba domains. I actively buy Cuba domains from other people.

So, I thought I would start updating Havana Journal readers about my Cuba domain name purchases since I am a strong believer that anyone interested in Cuba should own a variety of Cuba domains.

My reasoning for this is that when big news happens, people go to the internet to search for the Cuba related keywords that interest them. By extension that means that they may type in Cuba domains in order to see what content is at the domain. There are many more reasons to own Cuba domains but I won’t get into all that here.

I just figure that people might like to know about the Cuba domain drop game and hand registration opportunities that exist so I’ll start posting some of my Cuba domain purchases in this Cuba Business on the Internet Forum as I buy Cuba domain names.

This domain passed its expiration date and entered into the deletion process. Shortly after a domain expires it goes into a hold by the registrar and any website or emails cease to work. The owner is notified by the registrar that the domain is dropping and then again after it expires so the current owner has several opportunities and ways to know that the domain is expiring. About 30 days after expiration the domain may enter the Redemption Period or may go into a proprietary auction depending on the registrar of the domain. Regardless, it will be available for purchase one way or the other. This process is referred to as “chasing the drop”.

I give this long explanation because was a drop and I bought it.

This domain was identified to drop yesterday around 2:00pm Eastern time so I put in a backorder at the popular domain drop catching companies. If others had put in a backorder on this domain then it would have gone to auction for 3 days. Since I was the only person to put in a backorder on this domain, it was acquired for me for the cost of $59.

Needless to say I am thrilled to buy this Cuba domain name. As many readers probably know, Cardenas is a very large city in Matanzas just outside of Varadero. Also, I own so this is a perfect compliment to my other domain. Do you think there will be a real estate market in a post-Castro post-Embargo Cardenas? grin I think so.

This domain was previously owned but somehow I did not see it otherwise I would have put in backorders similar to the above situation.

So, I take my daughters to the dentist yesterday and I’m in the waiting room looking for magazines to read and I find a few scuba diving and sailing magazines. Since I am always thinking about Cuba and domains I always carry a pad and pen with me to write down notes of keywords and potential domains that I want to check when I get back to my computer.

I get home and start checking domains like,,… all taken. I check and see that it is available for hand registration for $8. I do some quick research on the domain’s history to see if it has been registered and used in the past. (I don’t want to own a domain that has been used for spam, gambling, porn, etc). Nope, looks clean to me so I register the domain for $8.

I have a couple Cuba sailing related domains but this one is a great candidate for development.

If and when I ever sell the domain, I’m sure it will more than pay for that dentist visit.

This is a national park in Cuba. I already own For some reason I figured I would check the domain without the “De” and sure enough, was available… yep, mine now for $8.

I hope to develop one someday (and point the other to the developed site) for information on the national park in Cuba.

Thanks for reading. Hope you learned something. Now go out and hand register at least one Cuba domain!


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