I bought Camarioca.com for $250 at snapnames
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I have been buying Cuba related domains for many many years and am fortunate to have a nice portfolio of over 2500 Cuba related domains.

I think it’s time for me to start posting regularly about my Cuba domain purchases thinking that maybe I can help other people buy some virtual land in Cuba… especially since you can’t buy real land in Cuba.

Seriously, I think anyone interested in Cuba should own at least one domain that they would consider developing someday. Think about your Cuba expertise, your Cuba passion and of course websites that would be most relevant in a post-Castro post-Embargo Cuba because we will be there SOMEDAY.

I thought I’d start off my new Cuba domain forum post with a story about the domain I just bought today, Camarioca.com.

I search for hundreds of Cuba related keywords and city/destination names every week. I just happen to run a whois check (seeing who owns the domain) for Camarioca.com and discovered that it would be expiring or dropping in a few weeks because the current owner failed to renew the domain. People fail to renew for many reasons… they don’t want it anymore, they forget or maybe they don’t even get the email notice that the domain is expiring.

So, I add it to my Cuba domain spreadsheet watch list and put in back orders at Snapnames.com, Namejet.com and Pool.com because these are the three companies that catching dropping domains. Now I probably shouldn’t be telling you this because I’m sure we will be going head to head against each other someday for the same name but that’s okay. There is plenty of room for everyone.

Three days ago Snapnames picks up Camarioca.com an it goes to auction. The way snapnames works (as well as the other domain drop catchers) is that you put in a backorder on the dropping domain then if you are the only person with a backorder, you win the domain for around $60.

Now if there are one or more people who also put in backorders, then the domain goes to auction for three days. That’s what happened in this case. No one else can join during that three days. Turns out there is only one other person who had put a back order on MY Cuba domain so I wait. Of course you wait. You wait till the last few minutes of the closing auction to place a bid.

I’m watching and waiting, less than five minutes left to bid and BANG, the only other bidder who got in on the auction places a bid and out bids my so now the high bid is $64 ($5 increment over my $59). Now the auction is extended another five minutes and this will happen each time a bid is left within the last five minutes (at Snapnames anyway).

Okay, no problem, I happy to bid $150 for this name. I’m the high bidder and now I wait. BANG. Outbid with just minutes left. Arrgh.

I bid $210 and wait. BANG. Outbid again. I’m thinking there is only one other person in this auction and only a handful of people in the whole world who even know where Camarioca is (near Varadero). Fine. I bid to $260 but I’m done after that. Who cares about Camarioca really unless there is another boatlift… which is a real possibility with the state of hurricane recovery in Cuba.

Anyway, my bid sits at $250… three minutes left then two then one then less than one and the auction quietly ends with me being the new owner of Camarioca.com.

So people, find a domain you like and register it or ask the current owner if they will price it for you or watch for dropping Cuba domains and hope for the best.

Next week HavanaFilmFestival. I’m in the auction with four other people and I suppose I will have to pay more than $250 for this gem.

What’s your Cuba domain?


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Congratulations on the domain, sounded like a tough bidding war smile
actually $250 is a pretty good deal the domain is PageRank 3 which is very good and the name is short which is nice.
Although the website needs some tweeking an enhancments design-wise.