No more escozul contacts
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We have been informed that many opportunists have entered the Escozul business and we no longer have any good contacts in Cuba for the original escozul.

So, do not buy escozul from anyone making any claim. The ONLY way I would even recommend to get escozul is to go to Labiofam in Cuba and knock on their door and ask them directly.

Anything else may be a scam.

We wish you well.


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I was just there yesterday to pick some up. It is very simple.

The lab is called: Labiofam
Address: Ave. Independencia km. 16 1/2 Boyeros, Santiago de las Vegas
La Habana, Cuba
Tel: +53 683 3188/683 2151

There are three doctors and I met with Dr. Maria Bermudez Dominguez (Mondays and Tuesdays). You don’t need an appointment, but you need to bring the patient’s medical history in Spanish, including a summary of PSAs (for prostate cancer) or other blood reports that are indicative.

Be there at 8:15 am and wait in line until the lab opens at 09:00am. This way you will be one of the first to go in. You have to show your ID to the security guard at the entrance gate and they give you a special Labiofam pass to enter.

Once you are escorted into the lab, one of the doctors will see you. You can see whichever doctor, if it is the first time.

Before, you had to keep the medicine in a freezer to keep cool BUT now it is homeopathic and does not require to be kept cold. It is much easier to travel with it this way. The medicine they give you is for 4 months and then you must go back and get more. they monitor the progress of the patient with every medical history you bring with you. They may up the dose, if it is not responding as fast as it should. Normally, improvements are seen within 4-6 months.

It is free to pick up, but it is a good idea to bring a small gift. I gave the doctor a gift bag with lotions and body gels.

It is a good idea to have the taxi driver who brings you to the Lab to wait for you as it is difficult to get a taxi from the lab. It is a bit in an industrial area not too far from the airport. We paid 30CUC plus 10 CUC tip to have the driver wait for us and take us back to the city center. He waited a total of 45 min. plus a 20 min drive each way.

Questions, let me know.