Update on Health Conditions of Political Prisoners of Conscience in Cuba
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Antonio Diaz Sanchez

45 years old—held at Canaleta Prison, Ciego de Avila—Native of Havana city
  Suffering experienced while in prison:

  * Immunological ulcerous colitis, with frequent diarrhea and deterioration of the walls of the colon, exacerbated by his diet while in prison.
  * Ischemic cardiomyopathy. 
  * Nodule on the prostate.

Regis Iglesia Ramirez

38 years old—Combinado del Este Prison,  Havana—Native of Havana
  Suffering experienced while in prison:

  * Acute pulmonary emphysema.  The prison cells have insufficient ventilation and constant humidity, and Mr. Ramirez has gone long periods without sunlight; these conditions have deteriorated his respiratory system considerably and resulted in permanent difficulty breathing.
  * Advanced vision loss.
  * Permanent pain in the bones of his back and arms that makes it impossible for him to lift weight.
  * Frequent fainting spells, of an ‌ cause.  Lab tests, though guided by a doctor, are delayed for months, and this delay prevents an accurate diagnosis.
  * Chronic sinusitis with severe headaches.  His condition has not improved due to the conditions of confinement he has lived under for the past five years.

Efren Fernandez Fernandez

45 years old—Guanajay Prison, Havana Province—Native of Havana
  Suffering experienced while in prison:

  * Arterial hypertension resulting in considerable kidney damage and frequent kidney infections that recur due to the lack of hygiene and the scarcity of potable water and adequate medical attention.
  * Glaucoma also resulting from arterial hypertension. Treatment of glaucoma requires specialized vision care which is not available, so the disease continues to progress.
  * Chronic erosive gastritis.  Many times the authorities do not give him complete treatment because they do not have the necessary medicines.  The lack of a stable diet in the few cases he’s been provided with one, and his condition of permanent stress have made it impossible for him to overcome the disease.
  * Dermatitis and herpes simplex of the mouth and digestive system.  These conditions are permanently active and result in a frequent inability to ingest the small amount of food that he receives because his entire mouth and esophagus are covered with incurable lesions. In prison he suffers from periods of little activity followed by periods of crisis.  Almost a year ago the authorities announced that he would be admitted to a hospital for treatment; however, he still has not received treatment and his poor condition continues to such a degree that he has decided not to receive further medical attention, considering it insufficient and bordering on mockery .

Antonio Augusto Villareal Acosta

58 years old—La Pendiente Prison, Santa Clara, Villa Clara—Native of Villa Clara
  Suffering experienced while in prison:
  * Nervous disease: the inhumane conditions and the bad treatment that he faces in prison have resulted in the loss of control of his nervous system; however, he has never lost his valor or his confidence in the cause for which he fights.  Prison conditions have destabilized his mental condition and he suffers from a constant state of depression.  He has been given neurological medications without real treatment that would improve his quality of life; so many medications often leave him in a state of stupor and risk becoming a chronic illness from which he may never return to a life of dignity.

Blas Giraldo Reyes Rodríguez

53 years old—Nieves Morejon Prison, Santi Espíritu— Native of Santi Espíritu
Suffering experienced while in prison:
  * Arterial hypertension.
  * Kidney disorders resulting in inflamed legs, burning during urination, and losing protein through his urine.
  * Diminished hearing.
  * Degenerative arthrosis.
  * Chronic gastritis.
  * High cholesterol.
  * Operation for a hemorrhoid with intestinal papiloma virus.
  * He has received some medical treatment due to his precarious health, but stress, insufficient hygiene conditions, and poor nutrition have prevented his recovery.

Luis Enríquez Ferrer García

32 years old—Marverde Prison, Santiago de Cuba—Native of Palmarito de Cauto in Santiago de Cuba
Suffering experienced while in prison:
  * Permanent gastric disorders.  Insufficient medical treatment and the permanent scarcity of potable water—only small amounts of terrible quality—have caused him to vomit blood and experience constant diarrhea.  A gastroscopic procedure was recommended a year ago but has not been performed.
  * Environmental allergies.  These allergies have caused constant problems with him throat, which is inflamed and itchy and results in his coughing up phlegm; the allergist says that he should be removed from prison in order to resolve his allergies.
  * Three years of headaches that remain undiagnosed after several checkups.
  * As with other dispensable prisoners, there is little available medical attention for Mr. Ferrer García in the prison.  What is available is very deficient and over-extended. Two years ago, they ordered for him a chest plate, but it has still not been made. 

Horacio Julio Piña Borrego

41 years old—Provincial Prison Km. 5½, Pinar del Rio—Native of Pinar del Rio
  Suffering experienced while in prison:

  * Arterial hypertension.
  * Cervical arthrosis.
  * Deafness in the left ear due to a lack of medical attention after he reported pain.
  * Diatal hernia.

Alfredo Felipe Fuentes

59 years old—Provincial Prison of Pinar del Rio—Native of Artemisa, Havana Province
Suffering experienced while in prison:
  * Lower back lumbago with a protruding disk.
  * Inability to keep down food, accompanied by weight loss.  The cause of his body’s rejection of food is unknown.

From Cuba,
Oswaldo José Payá Sardiñas


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To President Raul Castro,

You have the opportunity to be perceived as a great man and you can be on the road to achieving this with a few strokes of your pen.

Honestly, what harm are these people going to bring to you?

Are you afraid of them? Really?

If Mr. Oswaldo Paya is concerned then I am concerned.

President Castro, let your people go.


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