Cohiba Cuban cigar glass top boxes are fakes
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While it is hard to be sure, the Cohiba Esplendido is generally considered to be the most counterfeited cigar in the world. Infamous “glass top boxes” are sold every day to unsuspecting tourists looking to partake in this sought after cigar. (Despite their wide availability, Habanos S.A. has never produced this cigar in a glass top box.)

Fortunately, I am confident in the authenticity of the three seven inch by 47 ring gauge Esplendidos I smoked for this review; they checked out based on our guide to spotting a fake and they were procured from an official Casa de Habanos store.

With its classic double corona proportions and veinless medium brown wrapper, the Esplendido is an attractive stick. The wrapper has a slight sheen and is topped off with the traditional triple cap that is found at the head of every handmade Cuban cigar.

After clipping the cap and carefully lighting the foot with nothing but three wooden matches, I was greeted by medium-bodied flavors of wood. Underneath the predominant cedar was subtle earth, spice, and a honey sweetness.

The draw started with just the right amount of resistance and an even burn but, as the cigar progressed, it became a little too tight and difficult, and the burn became uneven and needed constant attention.

Around the same time the construction problems began, the flavor shifted. Halfway through the cigar it became more full-bodied with the earth flavors coming to prominence.

Still, this remained a very smooth cigar - perhaps due to the tobacco’s extra fermentation. The flavors weren’t as complex as the Cohiba Siglo V or VI that were introduced a decade later.

Depending on the exchange rate, the Esplendido will cost around $30 per cigar or more. It is no small price for this very good cigar, but for the same money I would prefer a Cohiba Siglo VI or a Padron 1926. Ultimately, though, this is an impressive cigar with fantastically smooth flavors. Despite some construction flaws, it earns an impressive rating of four out of five stogies.

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Casa de Habano’s store in Miramar had Esplendidos for $22 per stick

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I thought that it was established a while back that these were fakes?


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