Cuba - 17th government reform since February 24 - Is Fidel gravely ill?
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We have never sent out two Havana Journal alerts in one day but we feel that this information is worthwhile for those of you with any interest in Cuba.

Today it was announced that renters in Cuba can have title to their home or apartment. This is a major step away from communism and what is more interesting is that this makes it 17 reforms by the Cuban government since February 24 when Raul was selected as President of Cuba.

We are covering these reforms closely in our Chronological list of Raul Castro’s reforms at the Havana Journal. 

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Now, what seems to becoming clearer to me is that Fidel Castro must be very ill. Even though I have never declared that Fidel Castro was dead, I did believe on many occasions that he was seriously ill. However, this time the pieces of the puzzle are coming together.

1. Fidel has commented very little if at all about any of these reforms that would have him spinning in his grave. Oops, sorry. I’m not saying he’s dead yet. So, one has to ask why.

2. When you sum up all the 17 reforms and realize that they have all been announced in seven weeks, one has to admit that is a VERY frantic pace and even more so for the slow moving Cuban government. So, one has to ask why.


Is Raul really a pragmatist leader that wants to allow the Cuban people to have a better life?

Is Raul doing this to bring in money to the Cuban government?

Is Raul doing this to gain favor with the incoming US President?

Is Raul doing this to be more like China or Vietnam?

Is Raul doing this because he doesn’t like Fidel’s communism?

Is Raul doing this since he can’t lead with charisma?

Is Raul doing this to prevent an uprising from the Cuban people or perhaps his own military?

Well, I suppose one can answer yes or maybe to all of the above my I’m asking myself…

Is Raul doing this because Fidel Castro is very ill and close to death and he needs to gain popularity with the Cuban people before Fidel dies?

I am thinking that YES might be the answer to this last question. Perhaps Raul wants to draw the Cuban peoples’ attention away from Fidel’s power before Fidel dies so his death does not create an uprising.

Just speculating but the answer to some of these questions must be YES.


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