Florida to consider bill to not recognize Cuban medical school degrees
Posted: 18 March 2008 10:54 PM   [ Ignore ]
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Associated Press

Americans who get their medical degree in Cuba wouldn’t be allowed to practice medicine in Florida under a bill being discussed by the House Health Quality Committee.

The panel could vote on the bill (HB 685) as early as next week.

The measure is aimed at students who accept scholarships from the Cuban government to attend the Latin American School of Medical Sciences in Havana. About 150 American students are currently enrolled in the school and would be affected.

Information provided to the committee says eight American students have graduated from the school and are currently practicing in the United States, but none are working in Florida.

Since no graduates of the program have Florida medical licenses, the bill would only affect those graduates who try to become licensed here in the future.

If the measure were to pass, Florida would be the first U.S. state to bar graduates of the program from practicing medicine here.


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