A 30 hour flight delay - The joy of communist travel
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Aeroflot liner departs from Cuba after nearly 30-hour delay

Interfax - A 30-hour delay of an Aeroflot liner, Flight 334, scheduled to depart from Havana to Moscow on Friday, was due to technical problems.

The plane, carrying about 200 passengers, did leave Havana, but after a malfunction was detected, returned to the airport, having spent five hours circling in the air. The reason for the return was that the landing gear would not retract, a passenger told Interfax.

“We were moved to a hotel, and returned to the airport again when boarding was announced,” the passenger said.

The Aeroflot press service has informed Interfax that the plane departed to Moscow at 6 a.m., Moscow time, on Sunday, and is expected to land in Moscow at about 5 p.m..

All the passengers are aboard the plane.

The nearly 30-hour delay was due to a technical problem, the press service said, but did not elaborate.


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Always remember that in case of technical problems, authorities don’t really disclose the real situation. This is because they want to avoid panic among passengers, and of course, they would somehow lose passengers. They don’t want to give impression that their airlines have problems.


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