Cuban biotechnology sector begins to export Va-Mengoc-BC vaccine
Posted: 28 January 2008 04:13 PM   [ Ignore ]
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The Cuban vaccine Va-Mengoc-BC against meningococcal diseases of the serogroup B has been exported to a dozen countries over the past two decades.

According to experts, more than 51 million doses of Va-Mengoc-BC have been administered in those countries during the said period.

The Cuban product continues to be the only vaccine of its kind in the world against all forms of cerebral-spinal meningitis, which is highly lethal and appears in outbreaks.

In Cuba’s case, the vaccine was incorporated into the national immunization system in 1991. It is administer to children when they are 3.5 months old and the second dose is administered at the age of 5.5 months.

In addition, Cuban experts are working in conjunction with the Pedro Kourí Tropical Medicine Institute to create the first human vaccine against leptospirosis.


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