Che Guevara’s legacy
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(Sent in by a reader of the Havana Journal, posted by me the Publisher but I’m not making any comments on this post.)

I just had an interesting conversation with my wife a Cubana about the legacy of Che Guevara.  She believes that his popularity has already peaked and that with the passing of the old guard in Havana, so to will pass the romantic legend Che has held for four decades after his death.  My feeling is that Che has cemented a legacy that will endure whatever changes manifest in Cuba.

Although this question may seem limited to Che himself it may also represent the vision of the future for many Cubans like my wife who love Che yet think more about a better future for the island and Cubanos than for a national hero of the past. 

I wonder if Che will suffer as a distant image of a by gone and in many ways forgettable era for Cubans just as Mao has in China.  Twenty years ago Mao was still a central figure in China.  Now you hear nothing about him.  Could Che suffer the same fate or is his persona too romantic, too cool, the essence of martyrdom and remain in the minds and hearts of all students of Cuba and Cuban history.

As a non-Cuban I am not jaded by the difficult life my wife led for her first 37 years locked inside the revolutionís machine as she was and can admire Che without wearing the scars of the revolution like she has.

Whatís next for Cuba?  Maybe my wifeís opinions about Cheís legacy holds a key to Cubans aspirations for the future rather than their dedication to holding in honor the past.


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