Cuban financial thriller - Bye Bye Cuba book published
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Ben and his partner Fika have stumbled into the biggest transaction of the decade, $2 billion defaulted Cuban bonds, unwanted by everyone except the largest broker in the world. Why would anyone want this rubbish? But who’s complaining when you’re earning $20 million in fees.

But the partners are merely high priced, disposable fall guys for an Oligarch consumed by incessant greed and in-bred evil, and the real price to pay will be their very own lives—-and the ultimate domination of Cuba by its northern neighbour.

The partners, against all odds, retaliate. Bye-Bye Cuba is a City of London financial thriller based on real people and real events that combines the sophistication of dealing at the highest level of finance and political collusion.

Humour is the author’s pulpit for presenting a deadly serious argument for the battle of Cuba yet to come, and why Cuba must be left alone to determine its own destiny.

Download $5.68 or Paperback book $10.87 - 163 pages, 6” x 9” to purchase


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