Winter 2008 Havana Journal Update
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It’s been several months since I wrote the Fall 2007 Havana Journal Update so now is a good time to write this Winter 2008 Havana Journal Update.


Since I have had numerous request in 2007 for answers to questions and assistance with problems and since I have been fortunate to learn so much about Cuba and meet and talk with so many people in Cuba, Miami, Washington DC, the Caribbean, Canada and Europe, I have decided to offer Cuba related services via to businesses and individuals such as:

  Research and Content
  In Cuba services such as document acquisition, location review, contacts, etc.
  Representation at events
  Marketing and Advertising Placement
  Sales, logistics, applications, procedures and contacts in Cuba

So, with this latest venture, we are enhancing our expansion plans to provide a wide variety of Cuba related information, products and services as a collection of ventures… for Cuba related news and information for our 38 Cuba related sites for 2100+ Cuba related domains for Cuba related consulting services


We have recently launched the Premium Membership at the Havana Journal which entitles Premium members to the following for only $25 per quarter:

  Receive monthly newsletter - see the December 2007 issue but is easier to remember.
  Membership in the Cuba Chamber of Commerce
  Invitation to private Premium members forum
  ...and more

Free trial until March 1, then just $25 per quarter invoiced from paypal.


We have shortened the term to describe our network of sites simply as the Havana Network and now points to more information and it’s easy to remember.


I have made the prediction that Fidel Castro will not be elected President on the January 20 elections.

I made this prediction on December 1, well before Fidel hinted at his retirement. I may have to modify my prediction slightly since the election/appointment of President will happen at a date to be determined in early March. Fidel must be elected to the National Assembly on January 20. He may be elected to the National Assembly but I still remain true to the intent of my prediction that Fidel will not be elected President, it just might take until early May until he is NOT elected President.

I am not predicting how this will happen. Fidel may simply take his name off the list or perhaps there is a possibility that the National Assembly will vote for Raul instead of Fidel. So, I’m not sure how this will play out but I am very confident that Fidel will not be the President of Cuba.


I attended the 31st Caribbean Central American Action conference in Miami in December and met many Cuba related Players even though Cuba is a four letter word even at a Caribbean business conference. However, I was very impressed with the sessions, speakers, attendees and trade show exhibitors and strongly recommend it if you have any interest in Caribbean related business. Oddly enough, Dominican Republic, Jamaica and Puerto Rico were not represented.

I also met with several people from my network of Cuba related contacts while in Miami.


Since then, the Havana Journal has risen to #6 in Google search results for the keyword Havana out of nearly 26million results. We remain #1 in the search results for Cuba business and rank in the top ten for dozens of other keywords. Thank you for your links, comments, visits and support.


The network of Havana Journal sites has been migrated to a more secure and reliable dedicated server.


I purchased and will probably develop it in the future but for now is simply pointing to my (formerly

I also acquired and I started to develop and decided that was the better domain to develop.

I picked up and decided to move over to and have expanded the information there to include Cuban medical school information along with Cuba health tourism information.

I have been aggressively purchasing domain names in the secondary market, the drop market and hand registering domains for several years now and the number of Cuba related domain names for development, sale and/or trade has grown to more than 2100.

If you have any Cuba related domains for sale, please contact me. If you have any Cuba related development plans, please contact me since we can probably work together in some capacity.

Be sure to visit our and for more Cuba related domain names.


I want to stop and thank the thousands of people who read the Havana Journal each week and would especially like to thank those who have the time, knowledge, passion and opinions for leaving comments across the site and Cuba Forum that educate, inspire, motivate and some time infuriate myself and others.

The Havana Journal welcomes an open discussion on all Cuba related issues. Dialog is healthy and dialog is needed.

We have members that range from supporters of George Bush to supporters of Fidel Castro and everywhere in between.

So, in 2008, let’s continue to Read. Discover. Understand.


Cuba consulting services

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Visit for the latest information on the above services.


Cuba consulting services