Which Cuban writers should I read?
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Greetings to all members from Kingston, Canada.  I am an MA student, and am currently preparing to begin a study of Cuban literature and society.  I wonder if I could get some opinions and suggestions as to which Cuban writers one should start with, considering that my knowledge of Cuban literature is virtually nil.  I have read (and been in touch with) Jorge Reyes, but on-one else, and I would like to know which novelists and poets I should read first when trying to gather a representative view of Cuban writing.

Your input would be most appreciated.

Wishing Cuba, and all who care about her, well.

Roger Davidson

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I am sorry I did not see your posting before. Read the works of Jose Marti, a poet, a writer and a visionary.
Miriam Isabel Elliott
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Big topic you are asking…..But I will give you 10 to get going…..
Alejo Carpentier
Nicolás Guillén
Reinaldo Arenas
Lydia Cabrera
José Martí
Guillermo Cabrera Infante
Dulce María Loynaz
Daína Chaviano
Anaïs Nin ( French - Cuban)
Natalia Bolivar


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Are you actually trying to participate in this Cuba forum or are you just posting so you can get the links in your signature posted here?


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