CANE to be a very expensive TV show
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Family Intrigue: Add Rum and Stir


AS a measure of just how high the expectations have become for “Cane,” the new CBS drama about a wealthy Cuban-American family and their South Florida sugar and rum dynasty, consider that the producers seem to be spending much of their time explaining what the show is not.

“Before we had a moment to think about it, everybody assumed it was either ‘Dallas’ or ‘The Sopranos,’ ” Cynthia Cidre, the creator of “Cane” and an executive producer, said recently on the CBS Paramount lot in Studio City. “It’s neither, and it was never meant to be.”

Nor is the new series a knockoff of “Scarface” or “Dynasty” or “Falcon Crest,” said Jonathan Prince, the executive producer who as show runner is responsible for the program’s day-to-day progress. And it is not “The Godfather,” or “King Lear,” or, for that matter, one of the telenovelas so popular with Hispanic audiences here and around the world.

Which is to say that many people believe “Cane,” which is scheduled to have its premiere on Tuesday, has elements of all of those works.

The stakes are particularly high for CBS and Nina Tassler, president of the network’s entertainment division. With great fanfare last spring Ms. Tassler introduced a fall lineup that in several instances takes the network far from the police procedural shows for which it is known. While the musical drama “Viva Laughlin” and the reality series “Kid Nation” attracted early attention, neither carries the financial risk of “Cane”: with its high-powered cast, sumptuous sets and sleek wardrobe, it is certain to be one of the most expensive new dramas on television.

Read the rest of the story here. It is well written and gives a bit of the behind the scenes look at the creation of the CANE characters and background for the development of the show.


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