Traffic Statistics and Rankings for the Havana Journal
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All stats quoted are as of today Sunday September 16, 2007

The Havana Journal enjoys an average of over 1100 unique visitors per day according to Google Analytics, Site Meter and Quantcast. Our highest traffic day was Friday August 24th (the day of rumors of Fidel Castro’s death) with unique visitors coming in just under 3000 with well over 5000 page views.

Google Analytics

According to Google Analytics, over 80% of our traffic from the past 30 days has been from new visitors and 20% are repeat visitors. has 276 other sites linking to it and over 6000 pages indexed in Google. There are nearly 600 Havana Journal photos in Google images.

Site Meter

According to Site Meter almost 40% of our traffic is not referred from a search engine which would suggest that someone returned from a bookmark or typed in The next level of search engine traffic comes from at 36% then at 5% followed by Yahoo then then by Google images then by numerous miscellaneous sources mostly foreign country Google searches.

The average visitor views two pages and stays for just under two minutes. Traffic from US based visitors is 59%, Canada 8%, the UK 4.5% and Italy, Spain and Germany make up a cumulative total of about 4% of the traffic.

Ranking Sites

Quantcast Rank: #84,158 predominantly male aged 35 to 64 with a vast majority having a household income over $100k. Quantcast shows Havana Journal readers to be primarily Hispanic with Graduate School education. View the Quantcast page for yourself.

Compete Rank: #131,255

We did a complete review or our site and 50 other Cuba related websites and posted our exclusive Cuba Select Rankings of our site next to dozens of Cuba related websites that we could find in search engines.


We have two listing in DMOZ and have 25 reference links from Wikipedia.


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