International Trade Arbitration Court to be set up in Cuba
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Prensa Latina

Justice and fairness are key rules for Cuba’s International Trade Arbitration Court that will operate over the next 24 months with 21 judges and seven mediators.

The CCAC, a branch of Cuba’s Chamber of Commerce, replaces the Foreign Trade Arbitration Court that, for over 40 years, determined the relations between Cuban companies and their world counterparts.

Judge Ydael Leon said one of the distinctive features of this court, consisting of lawyers, economists and trade and exchange experts, is to use mediation to settle controversies.

The specialists must have equanimity, serenity and a diligent ability to explain clearly the pros and cons of the argument in order to reach a balanced solution.

CCAC includes a president, attorney Rodolfo Davalos, and two vice presidents, Armando Castanedo and Narciso Cobo Roura.

Chamber of Commerce Chairman Raul Becerra said the predecessor court settled 478 suits since 1990, based on its renowned ethics and fairness.

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