Interview with CANE tv show Oscar Torres playing Santo
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Oscar Torres stars as Santo on the new CBS drama series Cane which focuses on the Duque family, the Cuban-American owners of a sugar and rum business. Oscar took some time in between filming to sit down and chat with BuddyTV to talk about his character, shooting behind the scenes, and what itís like working so closely with Jimmy Smits.


Santoís a guy who came from Cuba, he just got here, so everythingís new to him. If you imagine coming from a place where you had nothing, like Cuba, to the U.S. where you have everything. Where everywhere is like Disney World, you know. Heís looking around, and heís amazed by everything, but at the same time you canít get too away from who you are and where you came from.

Santo is a guyÖ I have a line in the show in the first episode, I say ďI do what I gotta do.Ē And Iíve been imprisoned in Cuba for doing what I gotta do. I do what I gotta do to support my family, and thatís pretty much what motivates me. I donít want to go about it, Santo doesnít go about it the right way all the time, but his motives are very true. I think thatís the beauty of the character that anybody can identify with it. If it really comes down to it, and you have to feed your family, most people will do whatever they need to do to support a family, or a mother whoís sick. Like my characterís case, I have a mother in Cuba and sheís barely making it. My dream is bringing her over, thatís what motivates me, and Iíll do whatever I have to do to bring her over.

Santo gets recruited by Alex Vega, Jimmy Smits whoís the lead actor. One of the leads, but heís the ones thatís in charge of the family, reminds me a little of The Godfather. Heís like the Michael Corleone, who has been given power over the family by Hector Elizondo, who plays his father. And he recruits me, he first sees me working at the rum company, they own a big huge rum and sugar company, he sees me working there. He sees Iím a little shady, but he can use me in other ways, because thereís a lot of pressure on him. Iím savvy in the ways of the street. Iím not a business guy, I donít speak well, I say the wrong words because English is definitely a second language to me. The only English Iíve learned was hustling the streets of Cuba, hustling the tourists in the streets of Cuba, so thatís my English. But I do know how to get things done, especially if theyíre not legal, I know how to get around that. Itís a very interesting character, because it has a lot of humor. The character has a lot of humor, but also has a lot of heart.

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