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Is the embargo right or wrong?
Posted: 11 September 2007 10:51 AM   [ Ignore ]
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Hi I have always wandered if the embargo is right or wrong.
In my opinion is wrong but not because it helps to reduce the quality of the life of the Cuban people, avoiding imports of vital stuff like medicine, food etc, like many people inside and outside Cuba believes but because it does not work.

Simply and plane the embargo does not work!!

The fact and the matter is that you can buy US made Coca Cola, Leviís jeans, Gillette razors, and even Kraft mayonnaise and Heinz ketchup in Cuba.
All the above had been available most of the time since the embargo was implemented thoghetehr with GE medical equipment, computers, machinery etc. and while maybe not imported directly from US, the US corporations were selling and benefiting from the sales using another countries (Canada, Mexico, Panama etc).

The US has had the embargo in place for over 40 years and Castro had been all these years smiling, seen a bunch of American presidents come and go without doing anything in particular in regard to Cuba and getting ammunitions to show the Cuban people how mean and perverse the Americans are and how they would like to colonize Cuba again.

I feel that we would be much better without the embargo because Castro would not have any other explanation for his failed economics plans, destroying of the Cuban economy and dilapidation of the Country.

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I’m on record calling it the 45+ year old failed “Plan A” Embargo so you got my vote.


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