Does Escozul treatment work for stomach cancer?
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Hello. My father found out that he has advanced stomach cancer -stage 4- in April 2007. We tried chemotherapy and after 6 cycles, the doctors informed us that his cancer has come back more aggressively (with liquid in his abdominal and around his lung). I am in desperate search for some hope. I heard many great things about the Escozul treatment. Does anyone know if it works for stomach cancer? Can it be used with chemo or does it have to be taken alone ?

Thanks a million

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Thanks for asking. From what I have read here escozul works best before or without any other type of cancer treatment. Best thing to do is read the other posts in this forum. Your answers and contact information is all in here. This is not an easy thing to get since you have to go to Cuba to get it.

Read the other posts then come back and post here with any more questions and I’ll see if I can help you.

Good luck.


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