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How to go to Cuba without tasting a lobster in family before leaving without participate to the fiesta with a bottle of rum?

You will fall under the charm from this country, of its music to the influences Latin and afro-American (salsa, rumba, meringue), of its people to the so jovial accent, of its tropical climate, its cigars, its rum and innumerable other pleasures.

To remain at a Cuban is a guarantee to know the people of the interior and the occasion will offer to you to tie enriching relations.

BED IN BREAKFAST IN CUBA is an organisation governed by the law of July 1, 1901. The purpose of this association is to facilitate the individual initiatives and the exchanges between the men.

Impassioned by CUBA, our organisation created this site in order to promote tourism at the inhabitant who is in our eyes the best way of discovering and to live this country.

Through photographs and practical information, we give you the possibility of remaining and of restoring you at the inhabitant (see: Havana, Trinidad, Santiago…)

The houses proposed profit all from the licence provides by the state which commits them to declare the name and the nationality of the tourist and to take care of its goods.

Symbol of the licence

Cuba chez l’habitant has established local representations in order to continue to inform and help its members once left.

You will be able to thus organize with your choice a circuit through the country, thus benefitting from different the landscapes, beaches and atmospheres which the largest island of the Antilles offers.

Cuba charter at the inhabitant

Cuba chez l’habitant is an organisation which has the role to organize authentic travels, around sites impossible to circumvent good on, but more especially out of the beaten paths. And there are thousand and ones manners of building a voyage, around a set of themes which must be the best reflection of than you seek (cultural voyage, of rest, adventures, meetings, a passion for fauna, for an art…).“Travel to the chart” is certainly what defines best the our activity.

Our vocation that your travel fills you the spirit with strong emotions and that it never gives the impression of “already considering, is already made”. A collection of photographs will never give same satisfaction as images full with life still present for good a long time at the spirit.

“the world is a large book, and those which travel in read several pages”.

A travel is a loan. We have the possibility of knowing other civilizations and by there in other manners of living and of thinking but nothing of what is given to us to discover does not belong to us. While travelling, we must keep with the spirit which the populations which receive to us must keep their identity and live in harmony with their natural environment. Some speak today about ecotourism, of “durable tourism of development”. We simply try to show of respect and good direction.

We continue to regard us as “merchants of dream”. With you to render comprehensible to us yours, and our work will be to draw from our knowledge unceasingly renewed on the ground, in contact with reality, to offer the best program to you.

katia, Monia and Sami

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Do you have a direct link for more information specifically about this article?


Cuba consulting services

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the direct link is

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nice share… thank you.


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