Is Oswaldo Paya the next revolutionary? Viva “La Revolucion Nueva”?
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I was going to title this “Is Oswaldo Paya the next Fidel Castro” but that didn’t sound good. Here’s my argument. Hear me out…

1. Today, the tourists come to Cuba and Cuban citizens can’t visit the same places, just like in the Batista days. Raul Castro controls the tourist industry just as the Mafia did in the Batista days.

2. The same President gets elected time and time again

3. You don’t get any good jobs unless you are in the Military. In the Batista days you didn’t get good jobs unless you were in the government or in the Mafia.

I’m sure there are many more examples of parallels between the Cuban government of today and the Cuban government of the Batista days.

In the 1950’s, Fidel Castro gained the support of many Cubans who were oppressed by Batista and the Mafia. Well, in my opinion, Fidel Castro is like Batista and Raul Castro is like the Mafia.

So, now to my original idea of the title…Is Oswaldo Paya the next Fidel Castro? The next Fidel Castro in the good sense of overthrowing an oppressive regime only this time “La Revolucion” is a true democracy and free market economy.

Mr. Paya, you have our support for “La Revolucion Nueva”.


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