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Singers to appear on US drama ‘Cane’

By Kimberley Dadds |

New US television drama Cane has begun talks with a number of top singers to appear as themselves on the show.

A central nightclub will feature on the show, and producers hope to add a stage to the venue where artists can use it to showcase new songs.

Cane, which has been hailed as the Latino Dallas, follows a Cuban-American family in a rum and sugar business based in Florida.

So far producer Jonathan Prince has spoken to Pussycat Doll star Nicole Scherzinger, Mary J Blige and Daddy Yankee about starring on the show.

Co-executive producer, Jimmy Smits wants to make music an important part. He said: “It’s something that we plan to deliver on a weekly basis. And you do see different generations here [in the cast], so the music is going to be reflective of that tapestry of American music.”


Sounds like a great idea to me. Great music can help out where the script and acting might be lagging.


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