Summer 2007 Havana Journal Update
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This is another edition of our periodic Havana Journal update/newsletter.



I posted an opinion piece titled *sticky* Why there might be chaos after Fidel Castro’s death - prediction and wanted to share it with you. I am not advocating chaos or violent change in Cuba but I have listed 21 internal and external pressures that I believe Raul Castro will have to deal with after the death announcement of Fidel Castro. I do not address a time line for the announcement or the occurrence of chaos.

According to most of the comments posted so far, I am in the minority with my opinion and that’s fine. I wanted to include the link in this update so you can read it and post your own thoughts if you like.


July 26 is a holiday in Cuba and this July 26 also mark one full year since Fidel Castro has been seen in public. July 31 2006 Fidel Castro announced that he was naming Raul Castro as interim President so this July 31 will be one full year since this announcement. Officially he has been recovering ever since. Watch both of these dates for some sort of update on Fidel Castro’s political and physical health.

August 13 is Fidel Castro’s birthday and this is a day of national celebration in Cuba. Let’s see if Fidel Castro can make a public appearance this year.


We did an extensive review of over 50 popular Cuba related websites and posted the results here  . We have posted the top sites in each of the following categories:

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1. We would like to welcome our latest advertiser , a Canadian cigar store that specializes in Cuban Cigars.

2. Forum expansion - We have expanded our Cuba Forum to include:

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Cuban Cigar & Rum Forum
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Castro’s Cuba Forum
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Cuban American Issues Forum
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3. We have updated our About Us page and have added more information about navigating around, membership and our expansion plans and launch of the Havana Journal Media Network. We have also updated our Welcome to the Havana Journal post that describes the benefits of membership, content posting guidelines and other information that helps members better understand and benefit from

4. Status - As of today, there are 1404 registered members in our community, 4318 Cuba news articles, 312 Cuba Forum topics with 1393 posts.

5. Buying Cuba domains - We have actively been buying Cuba related domain names and now own over 1800 domain names in the Havana Journal Media Network. We are looking for more so if you have any Cuba domains for sale, please reply to this email.


1. Write for the Havana Journal - We want to invite you to write for the Havana Journal. Members can post news articles in the news Sections, topics for discussion or requests for information in the Cuba Forum and of course comments on any of the above. Build a name for yourself and build your network of contacts by posting regular content on our site. You can have a signature in our Cuba Forum and we are working on adding that to the news Sections. You can promote your own site with each post by adding a link to your site in your signature.

If you are a specialist in one particular area of Cuba like tours, politics, cigars, etc, talk with us about setting up an exclusive category for your content.

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