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The Havana Journal is an information resource designed to feature user-generated content, third party content, news, photos, comments, opinions and travel reviews about Cuba. Many people have many opinions about Cuba and there is a lot of propaganda from the left and right. The Havana Journal strives to feature balanced information but all comments are welcome so long as they are on topic.

Ultimately we will further build out our Havana Network (now consisting of 40 Cuba related websites) in order to become the premiere resource providing information, products and services to businesses and travelers in a post-Castro post-Embargo Cuba.


You can navigate around this site by using the links in the header from our main site HavanaJournal.com to read the articles, forums, directory listings, marketplace, cigar pages, etc. You do not need to register as a member to read any content on this site.

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You may register at the main site or here in the Cuba Forum, the result is the same and once you are logged in to one side you are logged into the other. You can edit your settings, add a signature and more from either Control Panel so just use this Your Control Panel link which can also be found at top of the Cuba Forum and in the header of the main site in the Members link.

Other benefits of membership in our community beyond ease of posting comments is the ability to post news stories in the main site and new topics in the forums. You will also be able to contact authors and other members who may share your interests.

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Everyone is encouraged to post interesting news articles and/or personal Journal entries in the Section they choose. Ask us for access.

We do not edit any content entered by our members. Members can post Journal entries as often as they like. Self-promotion and links to websites for more information is permitted but we insist that the content and links be related to the Cuba Section you choose.

There is of course the obvious stuff as listed below but one thing people want to know is if they can post a link to their own site. Yes. If your post adds value to the thread and ultimately the Havana Journal you may absolutely post a link to your own site. We actually suggest adding the link in your signature that can be customized in the Your Control Panel link above.

You may post photos in the Cuba Forum. Simply post the URL of the photo so this cubalogo120.jpg is simply this <http://havanajournal.com/images/cubalogo120.jpg> (but remove the < and > symbols and your photo will appear in your post.)


* Do not spam
* Do not disrespect this community
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* Do not pretend that you are not affiliated with the business you are commenting about. Be upfront and disclose your relationship if relevant
* Do not attack people for their personal, political or religious beliefs


If you want to quote some content posted at the Havana Journal, please provide a link to the page here. If you want to post content that has appeared on another site, we recommend linking to the site or original content page Please STAY ON TOPIC. You can post �PM sent� and emoticons but your comments should address the original post Use good grammar and check your spelling Make your comments useful and informative These rules apply whether you are starting topics for discussion or posting comments here in the Forums or in the News and Information Sections. There are also Writer Guidelines in the About Us page.

Failure to abide by these policies may result in suspension and deletion of all your posts.


Email addresses are ONLY for internal use and are never shared. We require email addresses to reduce the amount of comment spammers. Read more about our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service that lives in our About Us link in the header at the main site.


We are a Massachusetts based corporation with many contacts in Cuba, Miami, Washington DC, Canada, the Caribbean and Europe. We offer a number of other resources and services including Cuban document retrieval, Cuba legal assistance services and consulting services.

Thank you for reading.

Rob Sequin

Publisher and Founder of Havana Journal Inc.

Read. Discover. Understand.

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