A photographer’s journey in Havana
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Travel writer and photographer, Steve Robertson, takes us to Havana to experience life through the lens in a town where photo opportunities are the easy part…

In the late afternoon, the sun prowls through the narrow cobblestone streets of Habana Vieja, the old city of Havana, peering around corners and seeking out moments to illuminate:

Standing on a stone balcony, four pretty schoolgirls in crisp white blouses compare notes on the new boy in class; A rusty rubbish bin to you and me is third base for a gaggle of boys playing stickball in the fading light;

Exasperated, an old man with a deeply lined and weathered face leans under the bonnet of his 1954 De Soto, trying against all odds to persuade a baulky carburettor to give the engine some petrol just one more time.

Roughly diamond-shaped, with the bay and the imposing Castillo de la Punta at its northern end, Habana Vieja offers photographers some of the most memorable images of any Cuban holiday. It took the producers of the hit film Buena Vista Social Club very little time to figure out that combining the infectious rhythms and sentimental songs of Cuba with scenes from this museum-piece neighbourhood of around 100,000 people would produce a photographic experience the whole world would want to share. Even without the music, it can do the same for you. Rule number one – no car. The maze of narrow one-way streets is sheer torture for anyone attempting to drive here, so leave the wheels behind and walk.

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