From Protestors to Resistance.
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By Peter Perez
CNN En Espaņol Costa Rica.

TV feeds are coming in from Venezuela, where the protests have grown in number as many are joining the student movement to preserve freedom of Press amongst other freedoms.
One of the Student leaders just said a few minutes ago, that the protesting has now become a resistance movement, still a peaceful resistance, but they have assurances from the police and Armed forces they will not be interfere with violence.
They take that as meaning they have their support.
And since Chavez has not answer their pleads it is time to remove Chavez from power.
Stay tune this is getting intense !
At the same time Cuba is making moves to the US for talks.
I remind the Cuban Government, as I know they are now reading all forums including this one.

That in order for the US to open relations with you.
You must allow all political Prisoners freedom.
Stop repressing dissidents.
Allow free speech and free press.
Or your future with Raul looks grim.
Let’s talk face to face.
Peace !


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