A Rich Cultural Exchange
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The recently formed travel company Paint Cuba, has teamed up with specialist tour operator Captivating Cuba and Paradiso, the Cuban cultural tourism agency, to offer small-group painting/art holidays with a difference.

Paint Cuba aims to foster a genuine cultural exchange with the Cuban people, enabling their clients to discover facets of Cuban life not normally accessible on more traditional painting holidays.
“Virtually all painting holidays that are organised from the UK offer tuition with a British artist who travels out with the group. These holidays are different.”
(Pam Sachdeva, Director Paint Cuba)

Paint Cuba’s first group has recently returned from a ten day tour of Cuba, four days in Havana and six in the beautiful Vinales valley.
Participants worked closely with Cuban artist Ileana Mulet and were invited to her home and studio in Havana in order to gain a better understanding of her life and work. As well as demonstrating some of her characteristic techniques with paint, Ileana was able to offer the group important insights into Cuban life and culture.

Together with Ileana, the group then travelled to the Vinales valley where they worked in a range of locations, sketching and painting on farms, on the streets of Vinales town and alongside the caves within the ancient limestone rock formations known as the Mogotes.

The tour offered a wealth of opportunities for contact with local people, on the farms, on the streets, in the bars and clubs, providing the cultural understanding and exchange that was central to the experience.

To find out more about Paint Cuba,
Visit http://www.paint-cuba.co.uk

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Thanks for posting and welcome to the Havana Journal. I wish you the best with your new venture. Feel free to keep us posted.

I see you posted in the Travel news section but I did not go live with it. If you have a press release with a specific trip, then go ahead and post that.

Otherwise, this post here is great.


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