Where to buy Escozul in Havana
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Hi,  I’m very new at this, I was searching for this product for one of my best friends. her father has cancer and he had chemo treatment already and the cancer came back so I’m trying to help her with this product.  I have read some of the forums and I can see that you guys strongly recommend getting this from Cuba, I read somebody mentioned getting it from Labiofam, can anyone tell me where this is.  does anybody has an address to buy this product in Havana?
thanks in advance

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Thanks for your post. The address is in one of the forum posts somewhere. If you can’t find it, contact our forum moderator. Read through the forums. All the info is there.


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Hi there Chulunga,

Let me tell you and everyone else who wants to know what the address is of Labiofam S.A. in Havana, Cuba as follows:-  Ave. Independencia Km 16 1/2 Boyeros, Ciudad de la Habana, Cuba.  Tel:- 53-7-33-4757, 33-2063, 66-2492.  If you can speak Spanish ask for Dr. Alfredo Vera and hopefully they can refer you to him.  The general email for Labiofam S.A. is <labiofam@cenial.inf.cu> or <labiofamsa@labnet.com.cu> 

Good Luck to all and pls. let me remind all of you that the only way to be certain you have the real Escozul is to get it from Cuba.