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Hi all

I just want to comment a post by a member named skmccg , regarding cancer hope research and the head doctor there.
I have experienced her behavior and her threats myself. I dont even beleive she is a doctor, The sources she has claimed she is getting escozul do n ot support her. Myself came in contact with the sources she claims she collaborates, i travelled there myself and NONE OF THEM KNOWS HER, besides one source in mexico which supports that this Dr of cance hope showed up in Mexico as a patient. Her attitude is scary and i know other people who have been decieved by her and her patients lost their life. I could not aggree more regarding the comments of the skmccg member but that does not mean that escozul does not work.Escozul does help a lot, i saw that with my own eyes during the two years that my dad was been using it (non small cell lung cancer, advanced stage). It is just that this Sherry lady does not probably have the authentic escozul and it is such a pitty that people do not trust escozul just because they came across a person who takes advantage of the name of the medicine.
I have created a site of my own, it is just a small site, where i have shared my experiences regarding my father’s illness and some other people, besides me, have also described good benefits by using escozul. A few members have also reported decieving stories by this Dr head of the cancer hope whatever…..