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I want to tell all the forum my recent experience getting the ESCOZUL. After reading all the posts here and because of the increasing lost of faith of my cousin Sara who is a cancer patient, my brother and I decided a quick travel to LABIOFAM (Cuba). Excuse me for not telling the forum about our trip, it was a sudden decision. We have just returned and we want to share with everybody our great experience there.

We went to LABIOFAM and although we didn’t have an appointment, the Dr. Niudys received us. We asked her several questions about the ESCOZUL and we got good answers and a lot of hope. The LABIOFAM team is very professional and kind. They evaluated the case of my cousin Sara and they gave her ESCOZUL for 2 months.

For us, the most important thing is that we met at LABIOFAM a Chilean pediatrician whose 30 years old daughter has cancer and she has been taking ESCOZUL for more than 4 years! Although we didn’t have too much time for talking, he gave us a lot of hope. We have exchanged emails and I will try to convince him to post his experience in this forum.

God bless you and Hope !

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Thank you for posting and congratulations on your successful trip. I wish you the best with your recovery.

Your story gives hope to all who read this.



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I was desperate to get escozul for my father who was just recently discharged from the hospital to Hospice.
I am unable to flight to Cuba so I found a website www.
I contacted Delser an alternative health center and we did all the arrangement’s, they asked for my Father’s diagnosed and all his history and after several calls they were able to sent me the toxin.

The Cuban Doctor and Professor from Leon Cuervo Hospital located at Pinar del Rio In La Habana, Cuba Alfredo E Lau gave a conference at “DELSER"who has an agreement with Labiofam. They sent the toxine next day deliivery with all the instructions and ice packed.

let me tell you that I have been praying for my father and I prepare the toxine and after 5 days my dad has shown results already.
He is in continuous care with a nurse, and as he suffers from gastric cancer, he did not have any vowel sound, or haven’t been able to eat for the last 2 weeks, that why doctors recommended Hospice. My dad has vowel sounds now ,he has starting to eat again small portion and has not vomit the last 2 days. The nurse was surprised! I gave all the glory to God. This is my testimony. I will keep you informed of my dad’s condition.
God bless you all

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Hello my name is Robert, first of all how is Sara doing, i hope well.
My wife just got operated from a tumor in the brain, we have been looking into this Escozul. I would like to comunicate with you, and hope you can share with us your experience. My father is planing on flying to Cuba next weekend to get info, and if you can point us in the right direction, we would greatly appreciate it. Thank you for sharing your story, and hope to hear from you soon.