How can I contact Niurys Monzon?
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If anybody know how can i contact Niurys Monzon please let me know.

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Who is this person and where does he live?


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To all Readers of the Escozul Forum,

In answer to our Administrators question: - “Who is Niurys Monzon?”

Niurys Monzon is the daugher of Jose Monzon, the girl who has been labelled Escozul Patient #1.  As the story goes she was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer with metasticis to the liver and other organs at the age of 11 or 12, she is now over 30 yrs of age. 

The Conventional Medical Community in Cuba performed surgery (she has the numerous scars on her abdomen to prove it) and treated her with Radiation and chemotherapy before telling her that her case was terminal.  She was given but a month or so to live.  Her father Jose refused to accept this verdict and had heard of Misael Bordier in Guantanamo offering this new all Natural Alternative therapy called Escozul, this back in the early 90’s.  He made the arduous trip from Jaguey Grande to Guantanamo and as the story goes received the Escozul from the late Misael Bordier and the rest of the story is History!!!

Niurys, whom I have met, is a healthy active girl helping her father with their Scorpion farm and supplying Escozul to whomever goes to visit them in Jaguey Grande.  The Official line is that they offer it free of charge, however they do accept “DONATIONS”

I know Niurys has an email address and I believe it is .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) if my memory serves me correctly.  Her story has been documented and published by CNN and can be found on the net.

I hope this answers any questions about who is Niurys Monzon.


Mark Melkonian

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