Barbosa Revenge.
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Is the new Praganda plan at the US mission Havana a chase of the US feel the pitch like Russia did in the 1980ths when the Berlin Wall fell in Russia. Is the United States about to feel Barbosa Revenge.

There seem to be a desparate campaign by my country to make in road in Cuba to export right wing conversative in Latin America and the world and agian. They quoted such people as Abraham Lincoln who they oppose because black he freed the slaves and faught a Civil War to instatuted social change in government and remember the south or Right wing conversative did assassinated him to. They quote Mahatma Ghandi who was a socialist or communist and They know Right Wing Conservative like Churchill did everything to make Ghandi and the Indian people life a living hell to Keep thier precious British Emperor. Then the finally they Quoted Martin Luther Kings as if the actually agree with him and his stand of none violence and right for the negroes people. The last thing white Right Wing Conversation want for black and brown to be free and have rights. They did everything to defeat Communism and Socialism in Latin America especially in Cuba and the rest the of the Thrid World. Finally in 1980th after the Berlin Wall fell then taught that would be last the would her from either the Communist of Socialist. Now in the early 2000ths they have seen new emerging of Communist and Socialism all cross Latin America as it turn to Left and Muslim Countries who are also to the left become stronger and Israel and the United States become weaker and begins to yield to countries like India and China who are secretly Communist or Socialist like Russia. Now will The United States or Capitalism fall like Communism did in the in the 1980th. And Cuba be the United States last stand or Alamo; before the wavy of socialism in Gulf our country and will Fidel Castro and Vladirmir Putan get Barbosa Revenge.