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How and Why Castro Rules!!
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All Chuck needs is to get some punany! grin

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1. The 75 dissidents falsely imprisoned in 2003 (less those released on health grounds) are all classified as prisoners of consciense by Amnesty International - are you saying AI is wrong?

2. I never said the dissidents did not receive ANY money from the US Interests Section - please check my post.

3. There are 2 million inhabitants of Havana - presumably not all of those work (being too young or too old) so if there are 1 million attendees at the May Day rally they will be most of the working population. Presumably your wife as a judge (and of course the judiciary in Cuba is subservient to the government) can be trusted and therefore is not required to attend.

4. And the Ladies in White refused permission to travel to Europe to pick up their Human Rights prize? And the Cuban grandmother refused permission to travel to Argentina to see her grandchildren? No one can defend a government that restricts the right of its citizens to travel (and here I include the US government).

5. One only has to look at the bare shelves in the state run pharmarcies to see the fallacy in that argument.

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To the publisher,

THANK-YOU for intervening and keeping Chuck on a short lease.  As is so very common with people who have no understanding of Cuban culture and politics, they are looking for someone to lash out on for their own goevernment’s total incompentance.  We all know the U.S. system is probably the worst it has been in all of time, however looking for holes in other systems to blame where there are none is not the answer.  Educate yourself and learn!

I joined this forum (just today) to meet enlightened educated people to talk about my favorite subject, Cuba.  Sure I am willing to discuss politics (I am Canadian who did NOT vote for our current Prime Minister), however I will defend the Cuban system because I have seen it up close and in action a few times a year, every year since 1990.

Never and I mean never in my life have I met more cultured, educated, interesting people in my life.  Of course it is not perfect, what culture is, however I have travelled the world and it is the one place outside of Canada that I want to spend a great deal of my time.

Let’s keep the discussion positive and if not at least an informed opinion people!

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I know this is an old post but I would like to hear from some of the original commentators. We have expanded the Havana Journal forums so come back and have a look around.



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