YUCA’ head to the ballot box.
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Many of the YUCA’ and YUCA supporters have already taken advantage to the early voting system,cose to 5000 YUCA’ and supporters have voted with another 15,000 (nation wide)come election day.

“We are the New Cuban Order” said YUCA leader when he cast his vote”

The YUCA movement has made a difference in the Cuban community,mainly with the younger Cuban Americans.

YUCA’ who have tried to receive local media support found no support at all from local news stations,but continued to voice their opinions on over 500 websites message boards,many of the boards are visited by young Americans and the latin community.

“Media did not wan’t to help,it’ obvious they wanted no part of it for some reason,perhaps the right wing Cuban groups in Miami put a stop to it”

“But we got our point across anyway”
said one YUCA supporter.

“If Bush wins the Cubans community votes,it won’t be my much,lately even many of our elder Cubans have come forward to support our cause” said YUCA leader

“If Bush wins yet another term YUCA’ will continue to promote their issues,only this time,they will have to arrest thousands of YUCA’ when they get on a plane heading to Cuba” said a millionaire supporter from Miami who is said would finance the YUCA’ with airfare to Cuba early next year if Bush is re-elected.

“Desperate times call for desperate
measures,our parents ran away from the issues,but we won’t” said the YUCA leader.