YUCA’ take to the streets of Miami
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A movement known as
Young,Urban,Cuban,American’ a.k.a YUCA has been formed by young Cuban American’ in Miami.
YUCA is not an organization incorporated with the state of Florida, it’ a peaceful underground organization spearheaded by young Cuban Americans who are quietly recruiting supporters who share in their beliefs.
YUCA recruits supporters by mainly posting about YUCA and it’ movement on many top urban websites forums/message boards like http://www.305hiphop.com/ a Miami based hip-hop/urban website, as well as many other urban sites that today’ youth visits on a constant basis.
The YUCA movement has grown since it’ inception just 3 months ago.
YUCA leader who asked for his name to not be revealed says he attempted reaching local media in Miami without any success.
“The media does not want to help, so we have to get the word out there any other way we can” said the YUCA leader.
“Posting on websites that young Americans visit has made a huge impact, more than I ever expected”
YUCA’ movement is largely based on their rights as American born citizens with Cuban blood.
“We want our American rights to hold it’ course, we want the freedom
to travel that our constitution says we have” said a 19 year old Cuban American young lady.
YUCA’ main focus is that of the travel restrictions placed upon Cuban Americans and of their rights as American born citizens
“It is’nt fair, I am only allowed to visit my family in Cuba once every 3 years now because “El Commandante Bush” (as they call President Bush)says so?” said YUCA leader.
The YUCA’ movement has grown tremendously while silently preaching an anti-Bush campaign, to vote against Bush and not for him.
“Bush claims he is a family man, yet he keeps me from seeing my Father in Cuba, I went to Cuba last year and now I cannot return, and what hurts me the most is the fact that my father is now ill and may die before I am allowed to visit him once again,it hurts,it really hurts” said Martin Pena a 23 year old Cuban who came to the US in 1996.
The YUCA’ have gained the support of write in candidate Dan Snow, who could not be reached for comments at this time.
For more on Dan Snow you may visit his website at http://www.dansnow2004.com/
“We are the new Cuban order”
(said YUCA leader)
“Todays Cuba is not our parents Cuba, we are the ones who now control the destiny of Cuba and of our people who live in the US, we are young and strong enough to fight for years to come”
Lately the YUCA’ message can be found all over the streets of Miami as the YUCA’ have finally taken their movement into the public by putting up signs on street corners, highway columns etc.
YUCA signs read ” Familia Si, Bush No”

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Los que van a Cuba con frequencia son los cipayos del Mayoral que abundan aqui en la Yuma. Van a Cuba a pasar vacaciones y a gozar con jineteras. Y despues lloran porque no pueden ver a su familia bueno por que no te quedaste con el Mayoral. Alli esta la solucion pero no, vienen aqui a quejarse de la Yuma que es el mejor pais del mundo. No hay otro como este todo el mundo quiere venir aqui. Como dicen los gringos, “You can’t have your cake and eat it too.”