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Posted: 02 May 2004 11:56 AM   [ Ignore ]
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George W. Bush’ recent “proclamation” to use the Department of Homeland Security to board, search, and sieze any U.S. vessel on the “suspicion” that “it may be used, or is susceptible of being used, for voyage into Cuban waters” is a truly stunning example of the heavy-handed and unconstitutional abuse of authority he is capable of under the guise of “Security.” It is indeed a dire warning, perhaps the first dead canary in the mine shaft.

The worst of it is that this is seen by many as just another pander to the extreme element in the Cuban-American community in South Florida, for his own political gain.

The charge that Cuba is involved in terrorist activity is specious. By our own State Department’ admission Cuba no longer poses any threat whatsoever to the U. S. or our allies. In many ways, given the past actions of some elements in the Cuban-American community, and our complicity, it is a case of the pot calling the kettle black.

Thinking Americans value and cherish their civil liberties, including the right to unfettered travel. As a seaman, I can tell you, to be subject to boarding, search, arrest and siezure, and your vessel sold at auction, on the “suspicion” of potential travel to Cuba is anathama, and an assault. It is a sign of the desperate and extreme measures this president will use to try and force his will on others and maintain his power. It is a scurrilous abuse of the authority granted him and a slip down the slope to governmental tyranny and oppression.

As has been said, those who allow this to happen deserve no better.

John Bomar